Trip Annoucement ★ Walt Disney World

11 September 2019

I never know how to start these posts other than by stating the obvious... WE ARE GOING BACK TO DISNEY WORLD! Are we surprised that we are heading back for the second time this? Propbably not but we have annual passes to use and new things to see and experience and we are both very excited! We are heading back in November for 10 days and we are going to be staying at a resort that I have been wanting to stay at for ages - Port Orleans: French Quarter!
Like I said, I have been wanting to stay at Port Orleans: French Quarter for a while and so I am very excited to stay here on this trip! We have walked round the resort before and it is beautiful. I just love the peaceful atmosphere and there are even horse drawn carraiges that roam around the resort, how romantic right!? And the French Quarter is home to the Beignets which can I just say, are delicious! We check in on the 19th November and will be staying for 10 magical nights before we head home on the 29th November.
We already have so much to look forward to already:

★ Meeting our Disney friends
We will be finally meeting up with some of our friends that we have made through my Instagram account! We've planned to meet up with Dayna from @asprinkleofdisneymagic and Yaz and Ash from @yazandashofficial! Honestly, I can't wait to meet Dayna, Yaz and Ash! It's going to be so much fun meeting them in the most perfect place ever, Walt Disney World! 

★ Visiting Galaxy's Edge
Matt has already said that he thinks he may cry when walking into Galaxy's Edge! If you didn't know, Disney has recently opened a new land to Hollywood Studios and it's Star Wars themed. It looks insane and so immersive! I am ready to try the Blue Milk and pilot the Millenial Falcon!

★ Riding the Disney Sky Liners
Something else that Disney has recently added to the parks and will be opening soon is the Disney Sky Liners! These are gondola lifts that will be able to take you from Epcot to Hollywood Studios as well as a few resorts! We really want to try these out when we visit in November.

★ Attending a Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
Last November, when we went to Disney for a week, we just missed out on the Christmas party and I was so upset! However this year we will be there when the parties will be happening and I honestly can't wait to attend! I still need to book our tickets but you bet I'll be booking this soon!
I still can't believe that we are going again this year and we both just can't wait to get back to that Florida sun and soak in the Disney magic! Let me know if there are any Disney themed posts you would like to see from me in the comments below! I would love to share some advice when it comes to booking Disney trips!

★ Tabitha ★


  1. I absolutely love reading posts when it's so clear the authour has a passion and a love for what they're writing about! It's so evident that you love Disney, and as I've just never been as big of a fan as my friends or those I follow on social media, it's so nice to read from those who do. So excited for you!! Bring on ALLLL the Disney-related posts that will come from this trip; I can't wait to read them all ;) <3 xxx

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