Summer Reading List ★ 2019

21 July 2019

I really am so happy to be back blogging! It's been so fun planning new blog posts and writing them up. I really do hope you enjoy my content! Today I thought I would share with you what's on my Summer Reading List! I haven't read much over the last month or two due to university stress and going a fully packed holiday! I just haven't had time to read! However, now that I am now a commuter again (commuting into London to work) I have been reading in the morning and evening and I have just loved it. I just love losing myself to a book!

The aim is to try and read at least 5 of the books on my list by September (or the end of September), which I know is ambitous but I have a fair amount of time on my hands, I may just do it! I haven't added the synopsis' as otherwise this post would be SO long but I had added their Goodreads links, where you will find the synopsis for each of the books.
'I Heart New York' - Lindsey Kelk
About a month or two ago I went to my very first book talk and book signing (which I really enjoyed) and Lindsey Kelk was one of the authors there. She was talkingt about her latest book 'I Heart Hawaii' and now all I want to do is start this series! I have heard great things and it sounds perfect for this summer.

'The School For Good and Evil' - Soman Chainani
This is a book series I have wanted to read ever since I discovered it which was a while ago! I finally bought the book a month or two ago so I'm determined to start this series soon and what better time than during the summer! I really love the concept of this book and it just sounds really interesting! I can't wait to become fully emersed in these new schools and the secrets they hold!

'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' - J.K. Rowling
I have slowly been making my way through the Harry Potter books and absolutely falling in love with the story again! I have already started this book but I tend to read it when driving as I have them audio so I haven't gotten that far into it yet! However, I would love to finish this book over the summer so then I can read the last and final book in the autumn/winter.

'Chasing Daisy' - Paige Toon
Paige Toon is one of my favourite authors! I love so many of her books and I loved her most recent book 'If You Could Go Anywhere'. Becuase I loved it so much it has gotten me in the mood to read my most favourite book of hers, which is, 'Chasing Daisy'. Honestly I'm so excited to get to this book as it's just SO good! 
'The Unexpected Everything' - Morgan Matson
As it's summer, I'm really in the mood for romance novels. I tend to read a lot of romcom books during the warmer months. A few summers ago, I read 'Since You've Been Gone' by Morgan and I really enjoyed it and I have been meaning to read more of her books! I have heard great things about this one so I really hope I get to it this summer.  

'City of Bones' - Cassandra Clare
I don't know how many times I have started this bloomin' series but I really want to give it another go. I did really enjoy this book (and the two after) but I have left it so long to pick up the fourth book that I can't remember what happened at all! I'm thinking this summer will be a great opportunity to try it again!  

'Throne of Glass' - Sarah J. Maas
Another series I want to try again! I loved 'A Court of Thorns and Roses' Series by Sarah and it's definitely become a favourite of mine but for some reason I just haven't been able to get through the Throne of Glass books! I really want to give this series ago again.

'One True Loves' - Taylor Jenkins Reid
I'm really intrigued by the premise of this story. It just seems so tragic but real interesting! I don't know what I would do if Matt went missing on a helicopter - touvh wood that will never happen - I really hope I get to this book over the summer! 

'I Hold Your Heart' - Karen Gregory
This is a new book on the scene and the story seems again, really interesting! I really do love books with controversy relationships and that can go pretty dark and this book sounds just that! I have also seen a lot of good reviews which just makes me want to read this book even more.
I'm really hoping I can get to all of these books over the summer but I just know myself and I doubt that'll happen. Either way, I am so excited to get to these books as they all sound really interesting! Over the next few month I will defintely update you all on Twitter (@latenightlatte_)/Goodreads/Instagram (@pocoloco_tabitha) on what books I have read from this list! Have you read any of these books? 

 ★ Tabitha ★


  1. You've got some great books lined up. I loved going back through and rereading the Harry Potter series again a couple years ago. I was surprised how much I had forgotten about when it came to the finer details of the series

    1. thank you for your kind comment! yeah, i completely agree, there are also so many new bits of information that you don't get in the movies! ♥

  2. The School for Good and Evil sounds great! I've still not read all the Harry Potter books either - I'm missing the final one I think!


    1. doesn't it?! i can't wait to get to the book! & ooo you need to get to them! they are so much fun, way better than the films! ♥

  3. I’ve also been rereading the Harry Potter books, at the moment I’m only up to the Goblet of fire which I’m loving! I’ll need to check out a few of the other books! Great suggestions x

    1. ooo Godblet of Fire is SO good! so many juicy bits happen in that one! thank you so much! if you read any, you'll have to let me know! x

  4. I'm not much of a reader when it comes to the summer months but once I get back to reading I will have to take a look at some of these x

    1. you definitely should! i'm so excited to read these books :)

  5. I loved I heart new york and I got i heart Hawaii for my birthday. I am half way through my summer reading goal.

    I hope you reach your goal and enjoy it :-)

  6. These all sound like great reads.

  7. I adore these photos!! So many of these books sound amazing, I'll definitely be adding some of them to my TBR x