Walt Disney World Diaries: Day 6 & 7

15 January 2019

I can't believe we are down to our final post in my Walt Disney World Diaries series. I miss this trip so much as we accomplished so much in only a week. I have no idea when our next trip will be.. well I know it will be this year and hopefully in December but we have nothing officially booked so our lose plans may be changed but we shall see. I just hope we are back soon and hopefully during our next trip I will vlog our time there too! Anyway, I know this post is going to be a lengthy one so lets get into it.

Day 6
Afternoon at Epcot
We spent the morning packing as it was out last full day and we wanted to make sure that on our final morning we didn't need to worry about packing so most of our morning was packing and then we headed to i.HOP to have a late breakfast (which was super yummy). Once we finished at i.HOP we headed down to Epcot as I wanted to get some last minute photography sessions done (all for my instagram, hehe) and I also desperately wanted to see Joy & Saddness as they fill my heart with so much love. We started our visit by exploring World Show Case for one last time. I love walking round the World Showcase as there is always something you miss! I especially loved exploring Morocco as there was a little area that we hadn't seen before, so whilst we were there we thought we'd take a few snaps!
Here are another photo we took whilst exploring the World Show Case for one last time. I love this photo as you can just see the joy in our faces. We felt so lucky to be there again.
Like I said, I also wanted to see Joy and Saddness as we always have such special meets with them. This one was no different. Saddness noticed my Goofy ears in my bag and took them so that she could wear them. My heart honestly melted. Joy was also a sweetheart and made me laugh so much! I just adore the both of them and I actually think the both of them are in my Top 5 favourite characters. I just love them! I would love to bound as one of them one day.
Once we finished our meet and greet with Joy and Saddness we last minute decided that we wanted to spend our final evening at Hollywood Studios and amazingly, I managed to grab three amazing last minute fastpasses for the evening (Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster & Toy Story Mania). So we said our final goodbye to Epcot and headed to Hollywood Studios.

Evening at Hollywood Studios
Like I said we had decided real last minute to spend our final evening at Walt Disney World in Hollywood Studios. We really excited to get there too as I had got some great fastpasses (which I mentioned just before) and I was also really excited to visit Olaf. He was my main priority of the evening.

When we arrived at Studios we overheard the cast members saying that they were going to putting on the Christmas entertainment that evening which shouldn't of happened until the day after so we were now extra excited to get in the parks to see all the decorations and the gorgeous entertainment they had planned! We went straight to Tower of Terror as that was where our first fastpass was and I loved every second of it. I really have found a new love for that ride and even though I still get nervous, I just love the overall experience. When we headed out of the ride I noticed that they had started the projections on the Hollywood Hotel and oh my, it was so Christmassy! It was even snowing down the street and it was GORGEOUS!
After we watched the projections we hurried over to Rockin' Roller Coaster and rode that awesome ride for one last time. I will always love this ride, it's such an exhilarating ride. I desperately wanted to see the Christmas tree, and so we went and searched for it and it was SO stunning! I just love Christmas trees and this one was just as pretty as the one in Magic Kingdom. Since we were by Olaf's meet and greet we decided to head on over to meet him as I really wanted to say hello.

I love Olaf, he always makes me smile. He was incredibly sweet and it upsets me how short his line is as he's just so adorable! But then it also means you don't have to wait in a really long line.
After we met the lovable Olaf we headed on over to our final fastpass of the evening and that was Toy Story Mania, a strong favourite of Matt and I's. Unfortunately, I lost again! I never win at shooting games, I'm just not very good but I still enjoy playing them! It was coming to the end of the night and everyone was getting ready to watch the Christmas fireworks so we headed on over to where the Chinese Theatre was to get a spot to watch them too. Before we found our spot we picked up some popcorn and couldn't say no to the new Alien Santa popcorn bucket, so we treated ourselves. The fireworks were so much fun too! I absolutely loved them and they got me in the perfect Christmas mood.

Once we finished watching the fireworks we ended our night and Beaches and Cream, an ice cream parlour at The Beach Club. The ice cream was lush and we will definitely be dining there again in the future.

Day 7
Final Morning at Magic Kingdom
Matt and I were both dreading Day 7, as we desperately did not want to go home. However, we made Day 7 as fun as we could even though we knew were going to be flying home that evening. We headed to the Magic Kingdom bright and early so we could enjoy as much as we could. We had some fast passes booked for our favourite rides and to meet Mickey. When we arrived the trolley show was starting on Main Street and I just adore this little show so we watched it for the final time on our holiday.
After we watched the trolley show (they were in Christmas outfits too, so they just looked adorable) we headed over to Space Mountain, our first fastpass. This is Matt's favourite ride so I couldn't not get a fastpass for him. After we rode Space Mountain, we rode Splash Mountain, my favourite ride. So it was the perfect morning riding our favourite rides.
Something I wanted to make sure we did before we left, was watch the dance parade as I adore this parade and unfortunately it's now gone and getting a completely new revamp. So, I wanted to make sure I got to see it one last time and it was just adorable and yep, I just love this super cute parade.
To be honest, after we rode our favourite rides and just explored Magic Kingdom for one last time, it was time to go home. However, before we went home, we went and said goodbye to Mickey himself and it was lovely being able to see him before we left. I remember bursting into tears almost as soon as our meet and greet ended as I just did not want to leave. But, I will cherish this holiday as it was just so lovely spontaneously deciding to go and the fact we may be becoming annual pass holders this year means the absolute world to me.
I really hope you enjoyed these posts. I really emjoyed writing them up. I can't wait for our next trip (still to be confirmed) and I'm really hoping that I will pluck up the courage to vlog that trip. Keep your fingers crossed for me. What was your favourite thing about these posts!? Would you like to see them again? 

Until next time, 
Tabs xx