Reading Wrap Up: November 2018

4 December 2018

Good evening everyone, how are we all? I have had another busy week at university and I feel a little more on top of things which is great. I also feel on top of my reading which makes me so happy as I hate getting behind in my reading! Today, I'm going to be sharing with you what I read in November. It's not many but for me that's a real big achievement as I struggle to balance reading with everything else so 2 books is great for me!

Harry Potter & the Philosopher Stone - J.K. Rowling
I decided to reread these amazing books two months ago and so far I'm really enjoying it. It's so nice to revisit such a wonderful story that you have so many fond memories around. It's also nice because Matt and I have decided to rewatch the movies too so I'm in a very Harry Potter mood. Especially because Crimes of Grindelwald was also released a couple of weeks ago! I'm just on such a Wizarding World high at the moment! Anyway, I loved the first book and what was fun about reading again is that you pick up new things that you may have missed on your first read of it! I'm very much enjoying my reread of this magical series.

Girls of Paper & Fire - Natasha Ngan
Where do I even start!? I loved this book. It really did take me by surprise. Ngan writes beautifully and I couldn't stop reading when I picked up the book. I loved the characters and how powerful and strong they were. It was really refreshing reading about a Female/Female romance as I haven't read many of not any books about a F/F romance. Though it was tough to read in some areas it was written really well which I appreciated and it kept me wanting to read more. I think it's great that Ngan put so much effort into expressing the awareness of rape and that at the start of the book there is a trigger warning and helplines provided if anyone needed them. Overall, I loved this book and I will be writing a full review that you'll be able to read later this month.

There you have my November Wrap Up! So not the biggest wrap up but I'm still pretty happy with my accomplishment! I'm just hoping I can keep it up or maybe even read some more books this month! I've already finished one so fingers crossed! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little wrap up and I hope you'll look forward to my next one. Have you read any books this month? If so, what books have you read? 

Until next time, 


  1. Ooh, Girls of Paper and Fire is amazing! Really loved that book and can't wait to see what Natasha Ngan is going to come up with next. :)

    I reread all Harry Potter books throughout the year. It really is special to be able to go back to that world time and time again. I have yet to see the new movie though! I'm waiting until the cinema isn't filled with Potterheads, hah. I like a more empty theater when watching a movie.

    Happy reading!

    Kathy - Books & Munches

    1. I can't wait either! The idea of waiting for a year is such a torture! It is. I'm loving my reread so far & hoping to get to the third book this month! I hope you enjoy Fantastic Beasts CoG when you see it. Thank you for the comment Kathy! 🖤

  2. I really need to get back into reading, after studying so much at school I feel out of love with books to be honest but I would love to start some new ones, amazing recommendations!
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    1. Oh bless, I felt like that earlier this year. My main advice is, is to reread a favourite book of yours that you know you'll enjoy. It's such a great way to get back into reading! Thank you for your comment Ella! 🖤