Disney World Diaries #1: Travel Day - Day 1

17 November 2018

Lovelies! How are we all!? I'm so sorry I have been fairly quite over the past 2 weeks however if you read my last post you will know that I recently visited Walt Disney World! I felt so lucky to be there and it really was such a magical trip. I thought it would be fun to write up a little 'diary' sort of post telling you what we got up to over the couple of days that we were there for (7) as well as showing you some of the pictures we snapped whilst we were there too!
Travel Day
We flew out from Birmingham as it came up with the cheapest flights, so we decided to get to Birmingham the night before as it's then not as stressful in the morning of the flight when trying to get to the airport. We got up pretty early as we needed to drop our car off at around 7 at the P&P car park and once we had done that, we jumped on a bus to the airport! As you can probably tell, at this point, Matt and I were very excited! 
Check in went by smoothly and then we headed to the lounge! Which if you ever have an opportunity to visit a flight lounge, then do! It's a far more relaxing experience and most of them offer free drinks and food (which is always a plus!). We flew at 10:50am and the flight went pretty smoothly, as smooth as a long haul flight can go. When we landed at around 4pm we were very tired but raring to go. We flew through security and then once we had our luggage we jumped straight into our rented car and drove to the resort we were going to be staying at. This was going to be our first trip to Walt Disney World, where we didn't stay on site. To be honest, we would have stayed at Disney but when we went to book, Disney took back all the UK rooms so we couldn't book a room anywhere so decided on staying at Lake Buena Vista and location wise it was fine but in future we will definitely stay at Disney again as we just love the resorts there. 
Once we checked into our resort we drove straight to Disney Springs, as we needed to grab some food and activate our Disney World tickets (we didn't want to try and get our tickets on the morning of our first day as we were going to be getting to MK very early). When we collected our tickets we went on the hunt for some food! I heard about the corn dogs you can get from the van foods in a area of Disney Springs so we headed for those and whilst we were munching on our corn dog and fries we watched one of the side acts, which was so good! They were freelance rappers which meant they rhymed and rapped on the spot and I was so fascinated; they were so skilled! Would definitely watch them again. 
After we ate we decided to head back to our resort as we were very tired and thought it be best we got to bed as were having to get up at around 6am the next day! 

Day 1
Today was our first full day and I was SO excited to get to the parks! We always head to Magic Kingdom for our first day as we just think that it's the perfect trip to start your holiday on. We also have a little tradition to have breakfast at Be Our Guest on our very first morning at the parks too as we love the food there and it really gets you into the Disney spirit. As we were heading to a reservation we needed to get there pretty early as it was at 8.05am, crazy early, but we like getting to MK early as it gives you an opportunity to take pretty pictures whilst the park is pretty empty. 
The food and service was brilliant as per usual at Be Our Guest & after we finished our meal, we headed to Peter Pans Flight, as well all know how long the wait can be for this ride! Thankfully, we missed all the crowds and walked straight onto this sweet little ride! 
Once we rode Peter Pans Flight, we rode a few more rides including Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain and the People Mover! Honestly, it was such a successful morning as not only did we get on these rides, we also visited Daisy, Minnie and my fave, Stitch! As much as I love the rides, I love character meets as they create such special memories. 
When we finished up at MK we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening at Animal Kingdom! AK is such a stunning park in my opinion as I just love all the themeing, nature and atmosphere. We decided on having lunch at Sa'tuli Canteen and I decided to have the steamed burger pods and they were so yummy, I will definitely be getting them again when we next visit!
Annoyingly it started to rain after a couple of hours of us being there so we got pretty drenched but it actually worked in our favour as the park started to empty out and to our surprise Expedition Everest was still open so we jumped on in our waterproofs and rode Everest in the rain which was definitely a fun experience! 
After we rode Expedition Everest four times we then went over to Dino Land and jumped in the line to meet Chip and Dale. I have been wanting to meet these two cuties in their dinosaur costunes ever since I saw them back in July on our last trip. They were so fun to meet too and when I told chip that I loved his outfit he demonstrated his best dinosaur impression which was just adorable! After we met with Chip and Dale we jumped on another few rides, including Dinosaur and once we were done we decided to head home, as it was pretty late and we were pretty tired!
Overall, we had a very successful first day! We got so much done and it put us in a great mood for the rest of our trip!

Honestly, I wasn't expecting this post to be so long so it looks like you'll be seeing these posts appear on my blog for a few for more weeks! I hope you're excited to see what else we got up to, I can't wait to share with you what we did and some of the lovely photos that the photo pass crew got of us too! Did you enjoy this post? Are you excited to see more? 

Until next time, Tabitha xx 


  1. Oh wow looks like you had a great time xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time! That first picture of you guys is great- very sweet!

  3. Really loved reading about your travels at Disney World, your pictures are gorgeous! 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

  4. I am so jealous 😩 you look stunning!