Coffee with Tab #1

30 October 2018

I thought it would be a really fun idea to introduce this new idea that is 'coffee with Tab'. I love reading catch up posts and so I thought I would create my own catch up style post which I can post every now to inform you of what I have currently been up to!

Priscilla Queen of The Desert 
On the last weekend of September, I was in a show called Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. It's a pretty fun show if you haven't heard of it. It's about three drag queens who journey across the outback in Australia and you follow their journey as they meet many different people along the way. It's full of music everyone loves, from It's Raining Men to I Will Survive. So even though you may not know the show, there is a guarantee you will still want to get up and dance and sing along. I loved being in this show as it was just a lot of fun and I made some amazing friends along the way. I miss them all dearly and I can't wait to see them all again on the next show I am able to do. This show also gave me the chance to push myself in my dancing ability and I couldn't thank the choreographer for giving me that chance. I love being on stage and I now can't wait for the next show I can do! 

Back at University 
As soon as I was finished with Priscilla, I went straight back to university. It was definitely a shock to the system as I am now 3/4 hours away from everyone I love and getting back into reading mountains of papers is something I'm definitely struggling with. However, I am back to finish my final year and even though it's going to be a stressful year, at the end of it I should have a degree and that's something that is pretty special to me. 

Starting Dance Classes 
Since going back to university I have started taking dance classes. My university have a dance society and because I was on such a high after Priscilla I just knew I needed to carry on pushing myself when it comes to my ability to dance. I'm currently taking jazz, contemporary and hip hop classes and I love all the three! I'm hoping to do a few competitions with them too as I know it will be lots of fun and it will continue to up my confidence when I'm on stage and in general. So far, I do feel a little behind but I'm sure that in a couple more weeks I will find that I have improved and I just can't wait to see where my journey will go with this dance society. 

Hairspray The Musical 
On the 12th October, I travelled home from university to join my fellow am dram group to watch Hairspray The Musical. Another local am dram society was putting this show on and a few of our friends who did Priscilla with us were in the show. I have never seen Hairspray on the stage but I had seen the film and so I was very excited to see how it would look on stage. I loved it. It was so funny and the music is just brilliant! My friends did a fantastic job and by the end we were all standing up and dancing along with them. I love am dram shows as they can be just as good as the West End versions and they show just as much passion too. I also get so excited for my next show as well when watching a show. It just gets me in the best performing arts mood!

Boyfriend and I's 5th Anniversary
On the 19th October, it was my boyfriend and I's 5 year anniversary! Honestly, I can't believe how quick those 5 years have gone. We were saying to each other that so much has happened now and then, highs and lows but we wouldn't change a thing about our 5 years as everything that's happened has pulled us together and made us stronger! Not only is he my boyfriend but he really is my best friend and I'm so grateful for that. Here's to another wonderful year together and we definitely have some exciting plans for the next year ahead! 
I hope you enjoyed this new little post! I really enjoyed writing it and I will definitely be uploading more of these posts in the future! I would love to know what you have been up to recently so please let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time, 
Tabitha xx 


  1. So happy you're back into drama again. I know how much I've missed it so I can totally relate.