Ready Player One: A Movie Review

11 April 2018

Aloha Dolls 🌺

Last week Matt and I decided to go to the cinema, we've both recently been going to the cinema more often as there's just so many films we want to see at the moment. Last week we went to see Ready Player One which was so good that I just knew I had to write a review on it! Though I am annoyed at myself that I didn't get round to reading the book before I saw the movie but oh well these things happen! 
I loved the story line, it was such a fun story! The idea of being able to enter a world through virtual reality just blows my mind and to know that our technology isn't too far from this by providing us with brilliant VR experiences already it makes the film feel more real. The story follows Wade Watts a young boy with a broken family and a young boy who escapes the realty through virtual reality. So when the owner and maker of the OASIS (the virtual reality world) dies and announces that he will sign over all rights to the individual who can find all three keys within the OASIS, Wade jumps at the chance of this opportunity and you follow him through the challenges of this competition. I honestly think this story is so fun and entertaining that there was never a dull moment to the story. 

Wade Watts is a really lovable character feeling sorry for him when it comes to his living situation and you are all for him winning the competition. However, though he is a really lovable character I think the only thing this film lacks is character development. This also agrees with all the characters. Unfortunately, I just thought some of the things they did throughout the film was quite sudden and didn't really make sense, however once seen through that the characters are all great in their own ways. I especially loved H, such a fun and enjoyable character to watch on screen. 

Something that I know a lot of people were a little worried about this film is the many references it has towards pop culture and the 80s however I actually really enjoyed all the references. I enjoyed seeing some of my favourites pop culture classics make an appearance such as King Kong and the t-rex from Jurassic Park appear on the screen. It made the film feel very nostalgic and I know a lot of people who grew up through the 80s will enjoy that aspect too. I also LOVED the classic 80s tunes throughout the film it made it so fun and I just love some of those music tracks anyway. 
Overall, I really enjoyed this film and I'm so glad I saw it in the cinema. I definitely want to pick up the book soon as I know that I will 100% love the book even more and maybe there will be more depth to the character within the book due to books being more in-depth anyway. Have you seen Ready Player One? Or have you read the book and plan to see it soon? 

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Aloha, Tabitha 💃🏻


  1. I’ve never heard of the book or the movie but great review. I so miss going to the cinema.

    Steph x

  2. I really want to see this film, I can't remember if I've read the book or not because everything about the story line seems so familiar but not completely familiar if that makes sense aha. I am such a cinema goer at the moment, but didn't get a chance to see this. I'm hoping I still have time to see it in cinemas as I feel like I'd appreciate this more on the big screen than I would at home!x

  3. I've never seen it before but the story line seems interesting, I deffs want to check it out