Photo Diary #2: Spain, Coto Donana, Part 2

8 April 2018

Aloha Dolls 🌺

I'm so happy that last weeks Photo Diary addition got great response as I enjoyed sharing my photos with you all. I'm definitely going to be sharing these post's more often and now I'm a annual pass holder at Colchester Zoo, so expect lots of cute pictures of cute animals soon! For now though, I'm going to sharing with you my second instalment of the pictures I took whilst I was in Coto Donana, Spain. 
Whilst in Spain we took part in a distance sampling field activity where we sat on top of Land Rovers and searched for wildlife in the national park. The main animals we saw were horses, red deer, boars and cattle and they definitely knew how to pose when needed. How stunning is this stag? 
Another couple of gorgeous pictures of some of the wildlife we witnessed in the national park. These photos were actually caught by my friend Emma but they are just too gorgeous to not share. I especially love the picture of the boar as they were so difficult to take pictures of due to them always being on the move! 
One of the other activities we took part in was behavioural observations where we sat in a building with HUGE windows and watched the wildlife from a far noting down their behaviours. Whilst there we watched some horses paddling in the lake and cattle munching on grass. It really was wonderful just sitting there and admiring the wildlife. 
Outside the building we were holding the behaviour observations were these trees FULL of heron nests. I have never seen anything like it. I normally see nests but never any birds within the nests so it was just brilliant being able to see the herons residing in their own-made nests. 
 Finally, I took this on our last day in Spain and it was such a lovely day. We spend the day doing vegetation distribution counts which sounds rather boring however it was actually quite fun! 

I loved this trip to Spain and I'm gutted we were only there for five full days and not for longer however I am now excited to get to Egypt in May which is another university trip I have planned. Hopefully with my GoPro I'll be able to catch some pretty stunning pictures. 

Thanks for reading, 

Aloha, Tabitha 💃🏻


  1. Seems like an amazing trip!

    Steph x

  2. Stunning photos once again! I'm so jealous that you're an annual pass holder for Colchester Zoo! It'll give you so many chances to go and get some lovely photos. I bloody love Colchester Zoo - wish I could go more! I went in February the last time - exciting to see them building and expanding some enclosures. I'm not sure if you've seen the new Chimp enclosure? It's MASSIVE. I can't wait to see the Chimps in there!


  3. Yet more amazing photos from you again! You're so great at capturing wildlife - it really is an incredible talent you have there! Your trip sounds like it was so dreamy - especially the wildlife observations; the perfect day of relaxation!
    Kate x

  4. Your photos are beautiful and I’m in love with all of the animals! Looks so otherworldly! <3

  5. I love your photos. Especially the ones with the horses - they are my favourite animal! Your trip sounds like it was fantastic!

  6. Such breathtaking photos! I love the one of the stag especially. It's lovely seeing Spain's wildlife x x x

  7. Some good photo's there. I've recently started my own blog, which i'd love for you to check out.