Looking Back at Disney World Memories

28 February 2018

Aloha dolls 🌺

As most of you all know, I'm heading off to Disney World this coming summer and I can not wait. In my last post (Disney Holiday Announcement) I shared with you all that I plan to post a Disney themed post every month in the lead up to mine and Matt's holiday to share the excitement with you all. My first themed post I'm going to be sharing with you is a look back at mine and Matt's last Disney World holiday back in 2016. There are so many memories I look back on from our last trip that make me feel all gooey and happy inside. It just get's me all excited for when we go in June! 

Seeing the castle for the first time
This really was such a magical moment for Matt and I. It was a goose bump moment for sure too. We were lucky enough to see the castle before normal opening hours due to having a breakfast dining reservation super early so that we had to get in the park early. The park was practically empty and so we got some brilliant photos without the huge crowds which was just lovely. I can't wait to walk down main street once again. 

Meeting Mickey Mouse
Who goes to Disney World and doesn't meet Mickey Mouse?! Crazy people that's who! Of course, we went and met Mickey on our first day and we actually went to meet talking Mickey too so our visit was a little different from normal. I definitely can't wait to give this happy mouse a squeeze when we next go and in fact we are going to be meeting him for sure on the day we arrived and what a welcome will that be. 

Dining at Be Our Guess
If you don't follow the hustle and bustle of what's the most loved restaurants/attractions at the parks then you may not have heard about Be Our Guest. Be Our Guest is a Beauty & The Beast themed restaurant and it is stunning. I just knew Matt and I had to go as it was so highly raved about. We went for breakfast on our first morning at Disney and for dinner later on in the week. I can express how much detail goes into the themeing of the restaurant but oh my, it really is phenomenal. We loved it so much we have booked it again for when we are there on our first day in the parks! 

Experiencing scuba diving for the first time
At Typhoon Lagoon, you could experience scuba diving in their shark/ray tank they have in the corner of the water park. Matt and I jumped at the chance and for $20/30 each we just couldn't say no. It's not the full submerge scuba diving experience you would probably get in the sea however it was just as fun, as we got to wear all the gear (we just couldn't go fully under). We managed to get some gorgeous pictures of the wildlife in the water and have a lot of fun while doing so. Unfortunately, Typhoon Lagoon do not offer this experience anymore which sucks as it was fab. 

Meeting Stitch in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom
Stitch is by far one of those characters who will always be held in my heart. I used to watch Lilo and Stitch all the time and devote most of my time watching the TV series over and over again. So when I met him in front of the castle it really was a special moment for me. Matt and I waited in the queue for ages (well it felt long in the heat we were standing in) and the out come of the meet and greet was just perfect. I wouldn't have changed it. The photo was also perfect too. 

Meeting Goofy
My main man, my knight in shining armor. my go-to guy, my goof. I adore Goofy so blooming much. I honestly think he is such an underrated character and it breaks my heart. When I met Goofy I was so incredibly happy and I can;t wait to meet him many more times in June. I have some plans up my sleeve to try and pull off a cute Goofy Disney bound to wear when meeting him once again. I have also got my eye on some cute Goofy Minnie ears. 

Dinning at the Royal Table
The Royal Table is situated in Cinderella's castle itself. We were so lucky to get this booking. Matt just rang up the day before my birthday and somehow managed to get a booking. This was a really special meal as it was such a spontaneous booking and it was my birthday. We met so many of the princesses and it was wonderful. I was so happy because we met Aurora and I was worried we wouldn't be able to meet her whilst we were in the parks. The food was yummy too and our waitress was so lovely, she made our meal even more magical. 

Turning 20
I mean having a birthday at Disney World just makes it so incredibly magical there is not much more that I can say! I can't wait to spend my 22nd birthday there this year too! 

Riding and visiting the attractions
There are so many rides and attractions that I just loved at the parks, I really couldn't just talk about one! I think I'm going to share with you all mine and Matt's top attractions at the parks in a future post. However, here is some honourable mentions that I just have to share due to how great they were: Space Mountain, Mount Everest, Rockin' Roller coaster, Shake it Dance Party, Illuminations, Star Wars Fireworks and Star Tours. 
Meeting cast members
Something that Matt and I loved was meeting so many incredible cast members. Whether it was the security at the entrances of the parks or the UK representatives in Epcot, we just loved talking to them and hearing about their experiences. One girl we spoke to in Animal Kingdom, shouted down at us when she noticed us in the Space Mountain queue on her day off which was really lovely that she remembered us and wished us well. 

Mickey Waffles
I can't wait to get my hands on Mickey Waffles again. They are so yummy and are by far one of my fave treats in the parks for breakfast. If you haven't tried these yummy waffles then you need to because they are fab
There you have some of the great memories Matt and I created when we visited Disney World in 2016. Obviously there are so many more memories we made but I just couldn't mention everything otherwise this post would be so incredibly long. I hope you enjoyed this post and can't wait for the next Disney themed post next month! 

Thanks for reading,

Aloha, Tabitha 💃🏻


  1. I honestly found talking Mickey super creepy! It was such a weird experience!
    Sounds like you had some incredible dining experiences last time.
    One of my favourite things to do was jumping around the buses to other resorts and see what each hotel had to offer. Personal fave was Polynesian... watched the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the beach and the Electric Water Pageant before enjoying a Dole Whip!

    Steph x

  2. Oh my god I'm so jealous! I went to florida when I was 13 but havent been back since and i am so desperate to go back. We only did a day in magic kingdom so I am desperate to do the full Disney experience. These moments look amazing! It's so nice that you have shared them.