Barry M Under The Sea Collection

14 February 2018

What's On My Nails #4
Aloha dolls 🌺

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Whether you're spending it with a loved one or taking the day celebrate you, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today, Matt and I spending the day with one another. We haven't been able to spend Valentines day together for the last 2 years and even though we don't necessarily celebrate Valentines day, we are still thrilled we get to spend it together. Matt has called the day 'Mabitha Appreciation Day'. 

I bring to you a 'What's on My Nails' post and today I'm going to be discussing my thoughts on Barry M's latest nail varnish collection. I try to keep up with Barry M's new releases as much as possible and so when I noticed that they released the 'Under The Sea' collection on the 31st January I just knew I had to get my hands on them. For starters they are inspired by mermaids and the gorgeous wildlife under the sea (hence the collection name) and secondly, they really are beautiful. All of the shades have pretty oil slick styled shades, emphasising different colours, making them look real pretty and cute! 
From Left to Right: Angelfish, Pinktail
A gorgeous pale cream colour. I love this shade for a subtle neutral look. Not only is it a great neutral shade but it's also a little different by having a two-tone effect. Showing subtle shades of pink and a  beautiful shimmer when the light hits your nails. It really is such a pretty colour.

As you can guess by the name of this nail varnish, it is a pretty perky pink with a two-tone shade of yellow/gold. Providing a lovely shimmer to it also. I love this shade because I just love how cute the pink colour looks on your nails. It's not too loud of a pink but it's still recognisable.
From Left to Right: Jellyfish, Butterflyfish
Purple with a beautiful subtle green shimmer as the second tone to this two-tone effect nail varnish. Again this shades just gorgeous on your nails, providing you with a pretty pastel purple with a gorgeous shimmer to it.

This two-tone nail varnish is blue with the subtle hits of purple/silver coming through. I love blue nail varnishes but sometimes find them quite hard to wear however due to this one being so subtle it's perfect and gorgeous too.
From Left to Right: Angelfish, Pinktail, Jellyfish, Butterflyfish
All of the shades in Barry M's new collection really are stunning and I guess the only down side to them is that they are quite opaque so you need to add at least 2-3 coats on your nail of you don't want your actually nail to show through. You could also use a white nail varnish as a base coat and then add 1-2 coats of these nail polishes and that really works well as the white emphasises the shimmers in the polishes. 

Overall, I love these nail varnishes as they provide such a subtle yet pretty cute look! I will definitely be wearing these a lot and I can't wait to experiment with designs with them too. 

Have you got any of these nail varnishes? Or are you wanting to get your hands on them? Let me know in the comments below. 

Aloha, Tabitha xx 


  1. These shades are so pretty - perfect for Spring!

    1. That's exactly what I thought, I can't wait to wear them over Easter!

  2. Such pretty colours I love them. Also perfectly pale for my job!

    Steph x

    1. The cream one would be perfect for a subtle polish for work! Would 100% recommend if you are looking for a polish for work Steph x

  3. These are gorgeous! I was so disappointed when they stopped their Aquarium range which was really similar. These are going to be perfect for spring and I adore these pastel tones.

    Hana xx

  4. Seriously the prettiest nail polish colours I've seen! They're so subtle, and I love the bottle! :)

    Hope you and your Matt had a wonderful V-Day! :) x

    Layla ||