Essie Nail Varnish Haul

10 January 2018

Aloha Dolls,

Just like I stated in my 'Go To Christmas Nail Varnishes' post, I love painting my nails. I find so much joy from just sitting down with a cuppa and painting my nails. I really do try looking after my nails (I struggle sometimes as when I'm feeling stressed or anxious I will automatically bit my nails or the skin around my nails, gross I know, without even registering) and I find painting my nails is what stops me from damaging them the most! So when I opened up an Essie advent calendar on Christmas morning I was OVER the moon. 

My mum wanted to buy me the Essie advent calendar before December started however it was retailing for around £56 and she just couldn't justify spending that on an advent calendar (which I completely understand with) however when she visited Boots mid December they were selling these calendars for only £10!! So she just knew she had to pick it up and I am so blooming happy! 

There was such a massive selection of different varnishes and I was SO impressed. Below is a list of all the varnishes included in the advent calendar. 
Apricot Oil 
Colour Corrector For Nails 
All in One 
Gel Setter 
Gel Couture Top Coat 
I can't wait to start using these items. Especially the Apricot Oil as I find that my cuticles get so dry and gross, so hopefully this will cure that. 
Nail Lacquer 5ml 
Shade 74, Tart Deco 
 Shade 203, Cocktail Bling 
Shade 487, Sil Vous Play Hero 
Shade 458, Glow Your Own Way 
Shade 15, Sugar Daddy 
Shade 201, Bobbing For Baubles 
Shade 14, Fiji 
Shade 457, In The Mood Ring 
How gorgeous and cute are these mini varnishes. All of the shades are so pretty too. I also love that there is a large variety in colours too. 
Nail Lacquer 13.5ml 
Shade 88, Licorice 
Shade 64, Fifth Avenue 
Shade 83, Mink Muffs 
Shade 48, Luxedo 
Shade 459, Disco Doll 
Shade 56, Fishnet Stockings 
I think my favourite shades out of these full sized products is Luxedo and Mink Muffs. 
Gel Nail Lacquer 13.5ml 
Shade 270, Rock The Runway 
I have never used an Essie Gel varnish, so I'm really intrigued to see what this varnish is like. 

As you can probably tell from this post, I am VERY happy with this present. I can't wait to try all the shades out and I'm feeling inspired to maybe reintroduce a post I used to write in the past.. 'What I'm Wearing On My Nails'. In fact I think I will write this post more often on my blog as I used to love sharing with you my first impressions/thoughts on the nail varnishes I chose to wear! So keep an eye out on those posts soon! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope you're as excited as I am for my returning posts 'Wearing On My Nails'! 

Aloha, Tabitha x

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  1. You really do have quite the collection here! I am just so hopeless at painting my nails, I can use my right hand to paint my left nails quite efficiently and tidily, but when painting with my left hand, it's total carnage haha! Cocktail bling is such a cool name for a nail varnish shade, I'd be sold on that one regardless of the colour haha!

    Abbey xx

  2. I'm totally jealous of your nail polish collection. You're so lucky it was on special! That's such a bargain!

  3. Wow that is quite a haul! I am such a nightmare with nail painting - smudging, chipping .. I just can't be trusted at all so I've taken to using Rimmel 60 second dry which is an absolute saviour! The gel varnish bottle is so cool and I totally have Fleetwood Mac in my head now after reading 'Glow Your Own Way'!
    Kate x