Blogger Book Nook #4: Festive Cheer

10 December 2017

I get so excited to write and publish these posts every month now! I can't believe we are already on the fourth month and so many of you are joining in! I'm just so happy with how great this book club is going! Last month's reading prompt was YA and I loved it. As I stated in last months post, I just adore anything YA, it is by far my favourite book genre, I could browse the YA section in waterstones for hours.

Don't know what Blogger Book Nook is? 
Blogger Book Nook is a book club created by myself and Abbey from Abbey Louisa Rose. The whole idea behind this book club is that we wanted a club which would encourage ourselves and others to read more and read more genres we wouldn't normally pick up! Not only do we write a monthly post but we also have a Facebook group where ourselves and others can discuss everything books! 
As you can probably guess the chosen reading prompt for this month is anything FESTIVE! Seems fitting it being December and Christmas only being around the corner (I still can't believe Christmas is so soon! I honestly can't wait). We have some fun questions picked out for this months reading prompt and we do hope you decide to join in! Here are the super awesome guys who joined in last month:
♡ An Ocean Glimmer
♡ Fleur's Makeup Box
♡ Over Peach Chic
Thank you so much for taking part girls, I absolutely loved reading your posts and I really hope you decide to take part again this month! It's so heartwarming seeing other bloggers take part in mine and Abbey's little creation. For me, I haven't read that many festive books so I was really excited for this month to finally pick up a festive book and see if it makes me feel anymore festive than I already do! Anyway, like every month, we have picked five questions in the theme of this months reading prompt, so let's get to it and answer them!

1. Do you have an all time favourite Christmas book? If so, what is it? 
Like I said a moment ago, I haven't really read any Christmas books! I just never seem to branch out for them during the festive months. So unfortunately I do not have an all time favourite Christmas book however I do want to read more Christmas books in the future so maybe I'll find a favourite soon.

2. Are there any books from your childhood that you associate with Christmas time? 
The one book that comes to mind when I think of my childhood and Christmas time is 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'. I guess it's because Father Christmas makes an appearance in it and for the majority of the book, Narnia is covered in snow! I also love watching the film during the festive season, as it gets me feeling all cosy and festive.

3. Which book are you hoping to find in your stocking this year? 
Honestly, I don't know! There isn't a book that I really, really want this Christmas. I think it's because only a month ago I bought two new books (read my mini haul here!) and I have yet to read them. So any book in my stocking will make me happy!

4. Have you ever received a book at Christmas that you still have on your book shelf unread? 
Oh god yes, I still have books on my shelf that my mum bought me two Christmas' ago! How bad is that!? One of the books is 'The Darkest Minds' by Alexandra Bracken, I just haven't found the right moment to read it, I always branch out for other books on my shelf! Hopefully one day I will finally read it.

5. Where is your favourite place to curl up with a book in the wintry weather? 
I love curling up in my bed with a hot drink! I also love turning on my wax burner, as it just adds to cosy feel. I also love doing the same but curling up in a blanket in the living room as sometimes when I read in my bed, I end up falling asleep, which can be a slight problem when you want to stay up reading!

My Festive Current Read: 
Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell

I haven't read many short stories let alone festive short stories. This book is first the prettiest book I have ever seen, the hardback cover is so glittery, it makes you feel festive just looking at it! Secondly, this book contains two short festive reads one focused around New Years Eve and another focused on a girl who is OBSESSED with Starwars. I've only read the first story ('Midnights') and I LOVED it. I really, really loved it. The characters, Noel and Mags are so incredibly adorable and the outcome at the end of the story is so satisfying and heartwarming! I can't wait to read the second short story already and I'll most probably be finished with this book by the end of the week. This is definitely going to be a book I'll be picking up every December purely because it's such a fun quick read and instantly gets you in the festive mood.

As stated early, I haven't read many festive books so I can't really recommend you any festive books I have read before! However, I would recommend the book I'm currently reading as it's just so CUTE.

Don't forget to check out Abbey's blog and read her #BBookNook posts as they're so good! Also, if you are a massive lover of books and want to join along in our little journey with this book club then join our Facebook group and maybe take part in this months post/set of questions!

Speak soon, 
Tabitha xx 

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Facebook: What Tabitha Loves


  1. I don't think I've ever read a short story but this one sounds cute!

    Every month I intend to take part but time just gets away from me.

    If I don't manage it this month, it is definitely one of my New Year goals.

    Steph x

    1. It really was super cute, I 100% recommend it. They're so easy to read too! Hopefully you can join in soon, I would love to see what you'd make of some of the questions! x

  2. I'm desperate to get involved in the book nook posts & club but life has just been sooooo busy. I'll maybe participate soon and chat about books I've been reading for uni if the topic arises and the Q's are relevant! <3 <3 <3

    ps your content is fab, keep it coming sweetie x

    1. Life can get so busy so don't worry you can join in as and when you like! That would be wondeful, I would love to see what books you have been reading at uni! and thank you so much Charlene, that really means a lot to me <3 <3 <3

  3. I love the darkest minds books! But I completely understand being really late on book gifts. My TBR is huge! I know definitely have to pick up Rainbow Rowell's book. It looks so good!

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