My Current Favourites #1

29 November 2017

I thought it would be a nice idea to alternate my monthly wishlists and favourites as I find that I can never keep up with posting a wishlist and favourite every month. I also feel like my content then gets jammed up with these type of posts and drown out my other posts (if that makes sense), so from today, I'm going to alternate posts monthly. This month will be a favourites post and then next month I'll post a wishlist! To me this seems like a fun idea and hopefully it will work with my blog schedule too!

My current favourites at the moment is a real mix of things however, they are all things I have been obsessing over or appreciating a lot at the moment.

1. Stranger Things 2 & Stranger Things clothing 
I adored this TV show far too much when the first season was released and I haven't felt any different (other than maybe more obsessed) with the second season. I LOVE this show. It's right up my alley with the spooky/creepy element to it as well as the scify vibe too. This show also gives me very nostalgic feels, throwing it back to when I used to watch the gremlins constantly. I love this show so much that I couldn't resist buying a jumper and t-shirt from the Topshop Stranger Things range. I practically live in my oversized jumper. If you haven't watched this TV show and you love the 80s then please check this out over on Netflix!

2. Going to the gym 
I joined the gym when I arrived back at university in late September and I'm finally going regularly. I try to go at least 3-5 times a week, for at least an hour or two. I'm also taking advantage of the classes they provide at my gym, I especially love the Burn & Firm class as it's a class that allows me to focus on toning my entire body. I'm really enjoying my time at the gym and trying new classes out as I finally feel like I'm on track to getting my perfect body.

3. Mint hot chocolate 
Now that the Christmas season has begun this beauty of a hot chocolate is back in stock in many different coffee shops. I just love this hot chocolate, I just love mint chocolate in general so a hot chocolate flavoured mint is right up my street. I have to be careful though, otherwise I end up drinking far too much which will definitely not aid me in getting that perfect bod I keep dreaming about but it's the perfect snack when I'm in the library studying!

4. Blogger Book Nook & reading in general 
If you didn't know already, myself and Abbey over on Abbey Louisa Rose decided to start up a book club, specifically to encourage others to read more and read out of their comfort zone. So far it's been going brilliantly and it makes me so proud seeing the reception it has got. This book club has got me back into reading and I finally feel like I'm out of my horrid reading slump. Reading has also become more enjoyable and I now read at least 50-100 pages at night to help me fall asleep!

5. The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs 
I love The Sims 4 and so when I heard they were releasing a new expansion pack that would be all about Cats and Dogs I was over the moon! I purchased this a few weeks back and I'm so happy with the quality of the content! I really wish I could record my games and share them with you like many youtubers do but I'm far too nervous and I just don't have the time! Maybe one day I could branch to that end of youtube!

6. Blue Planet 2 
Finally, my last current favourite is Blue Planet 2. This is by far my favourite show on at the moment and I guess I love it so much as it's all about my interest of study. One day I would love to go into becoming a Marine Biologist/Conservationist so this programme is just perfect for me. I also adore David Attenborough (I mean who doesn't?!) and he really does make the TV show come alive.

There you have my current favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you like my idea of alternating my posts monthly, I feel like it will help my blog schedule out a bit anyway! I'm now going to spend my afternoon binge watching Stranger Things as I just can't help but re-watch it!

What are you current favourites? 
Are your favourites similar to mine? 

Ta ta for now, 
Tabitha x

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  1. I absolutely love Marie Lu, her new book Warcross is amazing!

  2. I really should go back to the gym! I've been so lazy recently. The bookclub sounds like such a great idea! I always find that if I read before sleep time, rather than being on a device, I have a much better sleep.

  3. I'm so glad to see that the book nook has made it onto your favourites, yay! I am really enjoying it too, it has introduced me to so many authors and books that I'd never even considered before - I love it! Its great to hear that you're loving the gym too and getting so much out of your membership, the classes sound fab!

    Abbey 💕