Poacher International Jamboree 2017

19 August 2017

Between the dates of the 28th July and the 5th August I was away taking part in Poacher International Jamboree 2017 - if you don't know what a jamboree is, it's basically a week long guide and scout camp! Where groups from all over the UK and Globe get together to experience new experiences and make new friends! It's a whole lot of fun. Poacher was situated in Lincolnshire and was based at the Lincolnshire Show Grounds and it was such a lovely venue to hold it.

Each year myself and everyone from the i.Slack team (the instructing team I'm apart of) go to to a different Jamboree each year (I have been to 5 Jamborees over the 4 years I have been a member!) and they're always so much fun, spending time with great friends and having a real chilled, fun week! Poacher was no different. We had heaps of fun, joking about and just enjoying one another's company. I thought in today's post I would share with you some of the photos myself and my friends caught over the week on my BRAND NEW camera - yep! I took the plunge and bought myself my first camera! I'm going to write a little review post all about it soon on my blog! 

So these are just a few of the photos we caught over the week of being at Poacher Jamboree 2017. I'm pretty proud of them seeing as I'm pretty new to the whole 'professional' camera lark. So anyway, I think I will leave today's post here. I'm sorry for the lack of posts I have uploaded over the last 2-3 weeks but I plan to get more on top of things between now and when I head of to university for my second year!

T xx