July & August Book Updates 2017

21 August 2017

Another relatively successful reading month considering how busy I got near the end of the month. I managed to finish 2 books and begin a third in the month of July and I'm still really pruod of myself with how my reading is going, especially compared to how it was going only a few months ago. Anyway, on to my July wrap up and August TBR!


- Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan - 3.5 Stars 

I'm really happy that I decided to get back into this series, it's a really fun easy series to through yourself into. It's got great humour too. I loved how quick this book was and how snappy and to the point it was. Percy Jackson's character grew and I loved where his character is going in this series. Obviously I can't say too much without potentially spoiling the story but if you love fun, quick, action packed stories then you definitely need to pick this series up! - Goodreads Link - Amazon Link

- Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han - 2 Stars 

This book was the third book in the series and originally this series was only going to be a duology not a trilogy. Unfortunately, I felt that this book was not needed in the series at all and found this book really disappointing. If you enjoyed the first two books then you may enjoy this last book too as it definitely carries on with the fluffy light-hearted theme however if you were not that fussed over the first 2 books like me, I wouldn't waste your time reading this as the second book definitely had a better ending to the series in my opinion. - Goodreads Link - Amazon Link -

- Pictures of Lily by Paige Toon - Started but not finished 

I managed to start 'Pictures of Lily' during the month of July and so far I'm really enjoying it. I really do hope it's as good as her other books. Paige Toon is by far one of my favourite authors so I shall let you know my views in next months book updates!

Quite an ambitious TBR this month, however I do like to pick a few to give myself an option on what book I should read next (I'm very bad for changing my mind last minute). Seeing as I have already started 'Pictures of Lily' I plan to finish that book first. I have gone for a mix of romance and fantasy this month as even though I'm craving my romance books, I still really want to continue on with the Percy Jackson series and The Mortal Instrument series too!

- Pictures of Lily by Paige Toon - 
- I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella - 
- Percy Jackson and the Titans Curse by Rick Riordan - 
- City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare - 

I hope you enjoyed another book updates post from me, I really do love sharing with you what I have read lately and what books I plan on reading next. Sorry for how late this post is in the month, next month I will do better to upload this post sooner!

What books did you read in July? What books do you plan reading this month?

T xx


  1. I'm still progressing through my 20 book challenge, I'm on book number 16 now so getting there! I have recently really enjoyed A Clockwork Orange and The Diving Bell & The Butterfly, both of which I'd heartily recommend! I definitely need to read some of Paige Toon's novels! Such a shame about Jenny Han's book, I might give that a miss!

    Abbey 🌸 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. I have not been reading as much as I wanted to this summer! I think it's because I'm reading 'Lolita' at the moment and I just find it so hard to get into, like I find it enjoyable to read but it isn't gripping me, whereas Bates Motel (my current TV series is) so Bates Motel is at the moment trumping reading! I loved the Percy Jackson series, although I stopped after book three (maybe I'm not entirely sure) and I have no idea why I stopped. Also Shadowhunters- the books seem to go on forever but god damn I loved that series! I've been looking for another book to buy, I've never heard of Paige Toon but I may give her a go!
    constantlylibby.blogspot.com x