Fortnightly Reflection - 05/07 - 19/07

19 July 2017


This is my third fortnightly reflection post and I'm so far, really enjoying writing these posts. I really do hope you like these posts as well. These last 2 weeks have been another great 2 weeks and I'm really excited to share with you what I've been up too.

Two weekends ago, I spent my weekend at probably my most favourite location; Thorrington Scout Camp. Once a month, myself and Matt head down to camp to help out with running's throughout the weekend as well as catch up with great friends and have an overall fun weekend. This particular weekend was a very busy one. We had around 200 campers I believe, with activities running all day both days (Saturday & Sunday), however it was a very fun weekend and we had such great feedback from all the leaders which felt very rewarding. Most of the weekend I helped instruct the aerial runway, also known as the zip wire, which was lots of fun and it was great seeing how much the kids were enjoying themselves too. Overall a really fun weekend and it's got me all excited for when we go away to Poacher Jamboree in less than 2 weeks! 

I'm also really excited to say that I was offered a summer job last week and I'm super pleased with myself and excited to get started. It's taken me about a month and a half to finally find a job so I'm so relieved I've bagged myself one. I'm going to be waitress at a local pub that is only a 15 minute walk away from my house, so perfect location seeing as I don't drive. I've worked in a pub before so I don't feel too nervous about the training which is great, as I hate that anxious feeling of not knowing what to expect but luckily I already understand the doings of a waitresses role. 

The last thing I wanted to share with you in this fortnightly reflection post is that I met my cousins 2nd baby this past weekend and he's adorable. His name is Alfie and it only 2 months old and he's just gorgeous. It was also a lovey get together with family, which is another favourite thing of mind, spending time with family. 

How has your past two weeks been? Have you been up to anything nice?

T xx


  1. Instructing on the aerial runway sounds like an amazing weekend to me! Can't wait to hear about your upcoming Jamboree! Huge congrats on the job as well, couldn't ask for a more convenient location! I'm sure you'll do fabulously in the training! I have an exciting week coming up as I'm going sailing and I graduate tomorrow! Eeek!

    Abbey 😘