It's been a year since I went to Disney - Disney Tag

25 June 2017

I honestly can't believe it's been a year since Matt and I flew to Disney World, Florida. It was such a magical holiday and we made so many memories that will stay with us forever. Disney has definitely become a place that means so much to Matt and I and we both hope to visit there together again soon.

I thought it would be a really nice idea to share a few of my favourite photos that were taken whilst we were in Disney and I also thought I would through the Disney tag in this post too. I found this tag floating around the blogging community and I loved the questions (however I did add an extra question at the end as there were only 9 questions, which slightly bugged me!).

01. What's your favourite Disney film?
I have so many Disney film favourites. I just love Disney so this question is so hard to choose just one. However, what I will do is list my top 5 films at the moment, those being: Moana, Big Hero 6, Wreck it Ralph, Lilo & Stitch and Pinocchio

02. Which Disney movie's scene would you have love to live?

Another really hard question as I would love to live so many moments in many different Disney films... There are two scenes that do come in to mind. The first being the lantern scene from Tangled and the second being the scene where Lilo, Stitch, Nani and David go surf boarding - honestly, one of my dreams is to go to Hawaii and another is to learn to surf - perfect scenario!

03. If you were a Prince, who would you be?
If I were a prince I would like to be Naveen from The Princess and The Frog. Yes, he's a little naïve at first and is not very favourable but you can't deny the passion he has towards music is just so fun. Also, he becomes a well respected prince by the end of the film and I love the journey he takes. He's also very funny!

04. If you were a Princess, who would you be?
If I were a princess for the day I would choose Moana because she is just super inspiring and coageous. She's just one confident gal and I love everything about the film Moana, especially the culture. I will also choose another Princess as Moana is technically not a princess! Another princess I would love to be is Merida from Brave for pretty much the same reason as Moana. She again is so courageous and confident. I love that she's so independent and strong and her hair is just goals.

05. Who do you look like the most?
I have been told that I look very much like Megara from Hercules as well as Vidia from the Tinker Bell films! What do you think?

06. If you could choose a Disney character to be your friend, who would it be?
I don't know if this is cliché but I would love Mickey Mouse to be my friend, I mean he's just too adorable. To be honest, I would just like to be best buds with Mickey, Donald and Goofy! I would also love to be friends with Minnie and Daisy, they would be the best of friends I'm sure. Max would also be so fun to be friends with, he just seems like so much fun.

07. A Disney scene that makes you cry every time?
Definitely Inside Out, that film wrecks me. I couldn't stop uncontrollably crying when I watched it and I still get tearful when I re-watch it. I also always cry or get teary during the film Stitch Has a Glitch. If you know what I'm on about that film really tugs on your heart strings.

08. Which Disney film have you seen the most?
Overall, I honestly have no idea but I have watch Lilo and Stitch a LOT. I have watched all the films including all of the TV episodes - can you tell Lilo and Stitch is my ultimate favourite film!?

09. What's your favourite Disney song?
Another really difficult question, I love so many Disney songs! Here are just a few that I will almost definitely belt if you put them on...
How Far I'll Go - Moana
You're Welcome - Moana
   (basically all the Moana songs)
Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride - Lilo and Stitch
Make a Man Out of You - Mulan
On My Way - Brother Bear
I Got No Strings - Pinocchio
Let It Go - Frozen
When Can I See You Again - Wreck it Ralph (also the song from the street party parade at Disney)

10. What's your favourite memory made at a Disney park?
We made so many wonderful memories but I would definitely have to say that our encounter with Minnie and Mickey at Animal Kingdom. They were so funny and adorable, it was just perfect. I also loved meeting Chip and Dale - everyone says they're such laughs and they really, really are. Definitely two characters I would love to meet again.

Now here are a complication of photos taken over our holiday last year:

I hope you liked this post, I really enjoyed writing it. I'm loving my Disney themed posts at the moment, I just adore Disney and it really does hold a special place in my heart. If you haven't seen already, I posted a post on my Disney tsum tsum collection, so if you want to check that out, click here.

Have you ever visited Disney? Also how would you have answered these questions or some of my responses the same? I would love to know.

Tab x


  1. Your huge smiles in all these photos say it all, it looks like you had the most magical time! This has really made me want to start using Disney Life even more! Make A Man Out Of You certainly features high up on my list of top Disney songs as well!

    Abbey 😇