Disney Collectible Haul

16 June 2017

I adore Disney and that's why I want to incorporate more Disney into my posts as it's a company I feel very passionately about. I really want to share with you all, all the collectibles I invest my money in to and I just want to share my love of Disney with you all too! Just so you know I have now added an extra tab to my pages drop down menu named 'Disney', which is where you'll be able to find all my new Disney content and I have also added a tab called 'Tabitha's Tsum Tsum Collection' where you can find a complete list of all the Tsum Tsums I have on my shelf.


Today I thought I would share with you the latest Disney collectibles I have bought recently - a small treat to myself for completing my first year at university. 

I have eyed up the Disney Animators' Collection Dolls since the day the were released and yet I have never bought one before. I usually told myself that I didn't need them or they were too much money to just sit on a shelf, however I am so happy I decided to pick this beauty up last week. Everything about her is gorgeous and I just love all the little small details, such as the scrump teddy, the classic satchel she carries throughout the first film and her tiny little sliders (I didn't get a photo but I promise they're cute). 

I picked up Lilo as the film Lilo & Stitch is by far one of my favourites and I have so many fond memories when I think of the film and the characters. I also got her at a cheaper price as the Disney store has currently got a sale on these dolls (except the Moana one, which pains me because she's the next little one I desperately want!). 

Lilo is currently sitting at the top of my bookcase and I love it, I just can't wait to have baby Moana standing next to her - then my bookcase will look perfect! 

As you can probably tell by my new 'Tabitha's Tsum Tsum Collection' tab, I'm a massive fan of Disney's Tsum Tsums! My boyfriend got me into collecting them, as when I used to visit a Disney store, I always wanted to buy something (but everything is quite expensive - especially when you kept eyeing up the mugs!) and so when these little plushes were released, Matt said why not collect them, considering they're only £3 each! This past week I have picked up 5, I normally wouldn't pick up 5 in a week usually, however 2 of which I ordered online and the other 3 were little treats to myself for again, getting through my first year at university! 

I ordered Baymax and Hiro online from a girl on twitter and I love them. They're Japanese imports so slightly different to the UK ones but not majorly. I'm honestly so happy to have Baymax as I'm obsessed with Big Hero 6. He is also adorable in his little superhero uniform. I couldn't buy Baymax without buying Hiro and they do look perfect together. Very happy with this purchase. 

From this months new released collection (Tangled, The Series), Pascal definitely stuck out more than the rest of them. I just love that he has his tongue stuck out - too cute. 

I just had to pick Leia up when I noticed that the Disney Store had released her again. She flew off the shelves the last time she was released so I just needed to get my hands on her as she's definitely my favourite character from the original films. Matt picked out the Ewok for me and I'm glad he did as again (like the rest) he is just adorable! 

That's all of the Disney collectibles I have collected recently and I love all of them. No doubt I'll buy some more soon. Let me know what you thought of this post, I definitely can't wait to update you all on all the cute Disney things I'm buying. 

Tab x 


  1. Omg, I have been sooo incredibly tempted to invest in some Disney collectibles myself lately and this has tipped me over the edge! The Leia tsum tsum is just adorable with those little hair buns! Lilo's face is just adorable too, I want a Belle version of this doll so bad!

    Abbey 👑 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk