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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Climbing Snowdon

Last Sunday I travelled to Snowdonia with the Universities mountaineering club to venture to the top of Mount Snowdon. We left Chester close to 8am and probably arrived at the carpark at the bottom of Snowdon at around 10am, so it didn't take us too long to get there. We were welcomed with beaming blue skies so we were very keen to start climbing Snowdon as the weather just put us in great positive moods.

I would be lying if I say climbing Snowdon was a breeze, as it was not. It was challenging and quite difficult in areas. We chose the pyg path, which was pretty much steps all the way to the top, so my thighs and calves were killing after only half an hour of walking, however the brief pain and struggle is totally worth it when you eventually reach the top. The stunning views on the way also keep you incredibly motivated to keep on going.

I couldn't get over how stunning the views were all the way to the top and we were so very lucky with the weather, it allowed us to see further than normal as there was little to no fog. We also didn't need to worry about rain as there wasn't a cloud in site, it was glorious.

When we eventually arrived to the top (roughly 3 hours after trekking) it was breath taking, I just couldn't get over how stunning the views were and I felt so relieved and proud of myself that I summited Mount Snowdon. I must say, eating lunch at 1085 metres high is definitely a great experience too.
We also watched the Snowdon train leave to take visitors back down to the bottom of the mountain - that is another plus side to Snowdon is that if you really just wanted to see the view without the sweat and exhaustion of climbing it, you can pay for a ride in the train, I also think is a unique idea.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of these cute seagulls, the view behind this is also gorgeous too.

I love the photo above as the view behind us is just beautiful and it's a great photo to look back at. If you ever find yourself close to Chester or close to Snowdonia, I 100% recommend putting on your hiking boots and climbing this beautiful mountain. Doing activities like this in the UK really shows me what a wonderful country we live in and environments we have are just superb too. I definitely want to do more trips like this in the near future as it really does open up your eyes.

Have you ever climbed Snowdon or have you climbed any other mountain in the UK? I would love to hear all about it!

Tab x


  1. Wow, how beautiful are these photos?? I'm so glad you had such a nice day to climb to the summit, it certainly would've been a bit bleak in the rain! Those steps do sound painful but the views do look worth it! Trampolining, volleyball, mountaineering, is there any sport you can't do? Good on you for doing this!

    Abbey 💓

    1. I can't get over how clear they look myself! Thanks Abbey, I definitely recommend doing it if you are close by! You make me sound like a sports champ - it's all an illusion I swear!! hehe, thanks for such a lovely comment girl xx

  2. Sounds like a pretty hard climb, but great workout! The view is so pretty.

    1. It's definitely both of them! The pain/sweat endured on the way up was definitely rewarded with the pretty views! Thanks for the comment! x

  3. Great pictures ! Such a pretty view... Thank you for sharing


  4. Wow, that looks like a gorgeous place! I remember but when I was in high school for Geography we climbed this mountain called Mt Tongariro and my goodness it was a climb, we only got halfway because it was too foggy to see anything but I'd love to climb it all the way one day, you've inspired me to do so. Great post!

    1. It really gorgeous! Oh wow, I haven't heard of Mt Tongariro but I will definitely check it out. I would 100% recommend climbing it though as you will feel great afterwards! Tab x


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