What I Got For Christmas 2016

28 December 2016

Hey Cats and Merry Christmas! =^.^= 

I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got everything you hoped for. I definitely had a wonderful Christmas and was very lucky with everything I received too. I'm already missing Christmas and the build up to it, it feels more special at the moment due to having a 7 year old sister as she really gets into the Christmas spirit and excitement. I'm also missing Christmas dinner, I definitely didn't appreciate it as much as I should have when I was eating it only a few days ago. Did everyone else enjoy their Christmas dinner? Today I thought I'd share what I received on the big day. Before I start I would just like to say that in no way am I bragging, I just really enjoy reading these posts and thought I'd write one too! 

Revive Beauty Blending Sponge - I've been needing a new beauty blender so I was very happy to receive this 
Makeup Brush Cleaner - I've been wanting a makeup brush cleaner for ages but never got round to getting one so again very happy to receive this 
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (Christmas Addition) - My FAVOURITE makeup remover and it smells gorgeous 
Liz Earle Shampoo - I've never tried this, so super intrigued to try it out 
Essie Nail Varnish - My favourite nail varnish brand but quite an expensive brand so very chuffed to get one of these in my stocking 
Models Own 'All About The Look' Gift Set - I've never tried Models Own make up (other than the nail varnishes) so very excited to play about with these 

University of Chester, Students Union Jumper (Trampolining & Volleyball) - I can now represent my university teams! These jumpers are SUPER comfy too
=^.^= Fluffy/Cosy Socks - Can never have enough of these 
VS PINK Yoga Leggings - These are so comfy and are perfect for when I'm training at uni or when I just want to chill in comfy bottoms 
Cute Gloves - These are just super cute and will keep my hands warm in the winter months 

Maui & Heihei Tsum Tsums - I absolutely adore tsum tsums and I'm OBSESSED with Moana so I was very happy to see these in my stocking, two tsum tsums I'll be happy to add to my collection 

iPad Mini 4 - I've been wanting an iPad for a while now, so I asked for one this Christmas. I am so happy to have one as I already feel more organised with my blog. It will also come in handy in my lectures at uni. 

Topshop Teddy Dressing Gown - I LOVE this dressing gown, it's so cosy and I have lived in it ever since my boyfriend gave it to me 

 Pandora Frog Prince Charm - My boyfriend always likes to treat me to a pandora charm when it comes to christmas or my birthday and he chose this one out for me. I this it's adorable and I love the little gold detail on it too. 

So that's pretty much everything I received on Christmas. I'm very happy and I appreciate everyone who was kind enough to give me a little present. I would love to hear what presents or what your favourite present was down below in the comments. I hope to post at least one more post before New Years so keep an eye out for that one. 

Ta ta for now cats, 
Tabitha xx =^.^= 

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  1. Your dressing gown looks so comfy, and being a huge disney fan I love that pandora Charm, it's so cute!!

    1. I'm always wearing it! So cosy, especially when cuddling up with a book 🌺

  2. Lovely gifts! The iPad Mini is super nice! x


  3. Aw, you received some really lovely things here! The Pandora charm is especially cute, I've loved the frog prince story since I was little! The socks and dressing gown look super cosy too, perfect for snuggling up in wintry evenings! Lucky you for getting an iPad as well, mine is so useful for uni work, and games and apps too naturally! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

    Abbey 🌻 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much abbey! You're very welcome also, thank you for such a lovely comment 🌺