Favourites, Edition 3

27 October 2016

Hey Kittens, how have we all been? I'm currently sat in my university starbucks waiting for my lecture to start! I must admit it's rather dangerous having a student priced starbucks only 2 minutes from my flat as I constantly find myself in there. Today I have my current favourites to share with you and I have quite a few favourites at the moment! 

1. Herbal Teas & Tea 
Normally I am a coffee addict, you can't get me away from the stuff. However, I've feeling rather run down recently and I feel coffee just isn't helping so from recommendations from a friend I've tried a few herbal teas out and surprisingly, I really am enjoying a small herbal tea here and there. So far I have tried lemon & ginger, camomile & honey and finally peppermint, all of which I really like! I've also gotten in the habit to making an traditional english breakfast tea instead of a coffee and I love it, feeling like a classic brit.

2. Snail Mail 
I was approached by a lovely blogger, Charlene McElhinney over on twitter to see if I would like to be involved in the #BeeChat snail mail project and I jumped to the opportunity and I am so glad I did. I absolutely love settling down to write a letter to fellow bloggers! I have also been writing letters to my family and boyfriend from uni and they really love receiving a little thoughtful letter from time to time. Writing letters is a hobby that is dying out and I'm so happy there are people out there who want to bring the hobby back! 

3. Volleyball 
Before university, I would never of thought I would join the Volleyball team but it's become a new found sport I'm really enjoying. It's challenging but so much fun (it also makes your bum look fab - a major benefit to joining I would say!). Anyway, we train twice a week as well organised social which are always a lot of fun. I also find it really mentally stimulating as all I want to do is get better and try harder. If you get the chance to play, I definitely recommend it. 

4. Dance Moms 
I have recently rediscovered Dance Moms and oh wow I am loving it. I just can't stop watching it. Even though the mums and Abby can sometimes drive me crazy, I do equally love the drama. I also love watching the girls dance as I bloody wish I could dance like that, some major talent right there! If you haven't watched Dance Moms and you love a good guilty pleasure watch, then definitely take a look in to watching it! 

5. Chester Zoo Annual Membership 
This is quite a new favourite. As I'm now living in Chester as well as studying Animal Behaviour I only thought it was right to purchase a membership at Chester Zoo. One benefit is that it's only a 15 minute drive away and the bus only costs £4, for a return too. I visited the zoo yesterday and absolutely loved it, it's just such a relaxing atmosphere to walk around the zoo with tea/coffee in hand. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I do apologise for the awful photo quality but unfortunately my uni room is the darkest room EVER and my lights just don't help at all with the orange tinge. 

I have also decided to potentially hold a Paperchase giveaway when my blog reaches 100 followers on bloglovin! I hope to reach this little milestone and if I do, I'll definitely hold the giveaway as a massive thank you! 

Ta ta for now kittens, 
Lv, Tabitha x


  1. Hey Tabitha! So lovely to see that snail mail features in your favourites - I see two of my envelopes in your photo which makes me smile! Great to hear that you're finding volleyball so much fun too! Sounds like a great way to make friends and keep fit! Thanks for sharing your faves with us!

    Abbey 📚 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. I love herbal tea - peppermint is my favourite at night time :) xXx

  3. I love a good guilty pleasure watch like Dance Moms, who doesn't want to be as talented as the girls as well


  4. I've been having a bit of a coffee-detox lately cos I feel like coffee + multiple uni assignments / texts are NOT a good combination; despite the "student" stereotype. I would recommend trying pukka tea... it's a bit pricier than other teas, but they're a lot better, so I'd say that its well worth it.

    Sara | Saralouisaxo.blogspot.co.uk