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8 September 2016


It's been quite a while since I posted a favourites post and instead of posting a monthly post, I thought it would be nice to randomly update you on what I'm currently favoriting on from time to time. Here's just a few things I've been loving recently... 

Winnie The Pooh Animal Kingdom Mug 
Ever since I came home from America with this mug, I honestly can't stop using it. Some people may say that the size is quite intimidating but I think it's perfect as I love a big cup of coffee. I also think the little design on the mug is super cute and rather funny. If you didn't know this already, I collect mugs as I think they are great keepsakes (and incredibly useful to have, especially if you're a fan of coffee and tea) and so it was VERY hard for me not to come home with 10 mugs from disney so I'm very happy that I came home with this one. 

The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout 
I wouldn't say I've been in a reading slump but it definitely took way too long to finish the last book I was reading. Since finishing the last book I read (Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas - great series if you haven't read it), I just didn't know what to pick up next until I remembered that I have so many books I received as Christmas presents that I have yet to pick up. This prompted me to pick up Obsidian (the first book in the Lux series) and I'm so happy I did. I haven't finished the book but I'm close to and I'm finding it such an easy fun read. I definitely want to marathon this series. This book is about a girl who moves to a different state and meets her new neighbour who is incredible HOT but is a right dick. Weird stuff soon happens meaning she must stick by her hot but annoying neighbour to keep safe. I know that was a really crap description but I'll leave a link to the book so you can decide if it's a book you'd be interesting in reading yourself (link). 

I am loving this app. I'm constantly scrolling down my feed to see if any new items are up on sale that I'd be interested to buy. If you don;t know what depop is, it's a selling and swapping platform, almost like an ebay but without the bidding. It's such a friendly platform and I'm always finding crazy deals on clothes, makeup and even books. Not only do I shop on depop but I also try and sell things on there too. I'm currently selling homemade bracelets and some books I know I'll never read again (if you're interested the by all means go and check out my profile, link - shameless plug right there!).

Charity Shops 
About a year ago you wouldn't find me in a charity shop, I always thought they were full of old stuff and things not worth having. However, I now really enjoy a trip to the charity shops from time to time, you can find some great items in there, whether that's a book, a mug or a piece of clothing. I really want to explore some of the charity shops in London, as I know you're more likely to find some designer bargains. 

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation 
I bought this foundation over a month ago and I'm so glad I did. At first I felt quite guilty spending so much money on a foundation but oh wow, this is fabulous. It applies perfectly on my skin and it's the perfect match to skin too. I love applying it with my stippling brush and I'll definitely be repurchasing this foundation when it's run out for sure.

Great British Bake Off 
I just had to include this in my favourites as I am definitely one of those hardcore Great British Bake Off fans. I absolutely love it and everytime I watch an episode I just want to bake, bake and BAKE. I love everything to do with the show, I love the presenters, the judges, the contestants and the scrumptious looking cakes. Who else is happy that the GBBO is back??

What have you been currently favoriting on? 


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  1. Charity shops are honestly great. I love finding something with a topshop tag for £3! Xx

    1. They are aren't they? Definitely a steal if you find a topshop item for only £3! xx

  2. That mug is so adorable! I've been watching bake off too, but just on catch up since I've been working a lot when it's on- which is always a struggle when my twitter feed literally BOOMS whenever bake off is on! No spoilers please! I really hope Candice wins, she seems so lovely and her creations are amazing, especially the gingerbread pub that she made!

    1. Thank you! I love it. That's understandable, I absolutely love it. Yeah? I still think it's too early to pick my winner just yet but I do agree, her gingerbread pub was awesome

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I wish I could've picked up more from Disney xx