Cupcake & Angels On Bare Skin

7 August 2016

Lush Impressions #3 

One of my favourite things to do is to cleanse and treat my skin, so when I found out you can have a free consultation at Oxford Streets Lush I jumped at the opportunity. I ended up leaving with a Cupcake face mask and a sample of Angels On Bare Skin face cleanser. 


Cupcake Fresh Face Mask:

01. As this is a fresh face mask it needs to be kept in the fridge so when you apply it on to your skin its feels cool and smooth on your face, which I liked as it was really pleasant to apply
02. The main ingredient to this mask is mud and cocoa powder, both working together to draw out any dirt within your pores, providing you with a deep cleanse
03. When wearing the mask, as it was a mud based mask, it started to dry over my skin but I didn't find this uncomfortable like some other face masks
04. The cocoa powder within the mask also softens and moisturises your skin and the mask definitely left my face feeling super soft
05. You get about 3 applications within a tub (depending on how generous your layers are) and it lasts you 3 weeks, so it works out to a face mask a week which I like as it encourages you to use it as you don't want to waste it
06. It also smells incredible 

Angels On Bare Skin:

01. Like the fresh face mask above, all ingredients within this cleanser has fresh ingredients but you do not need to keep this product in the fridge, meaning it lasts a lot longer than the face mask would
02. This face cleanser is great for oily skin as it helps illuminate the grease within your skin as well as absorbing any dirt that is left on your skin
03. This cleanser left my face feeling a bright and nourished
04. Another great factor to this cleanser is that it helps calm your skin by using calming ingredients such as lavender and rose oils, making the cleanser smell fab as well
05. Since using this cleanser I have seen a great difference in my skin, it feels cleaner and my spots have definitely died down or disappeared
06. This cleanser also acts as a subtle exfoliator as there is ground almonds within the paste acting as the exfoliator 

I definitely will be repurchasing these products and if you are ever going to the Lush shop on Oxford Street I definitely recommend the free consultations as not many other Lush stores provide that service. 

Tabitha xo 

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