Do The Hoola

19 July 2016

First Impressions #1 

I have been looking to buy benefit's Hoola contouring powder for ages but I have never gone through with the purchase. I guess I'm still in the mind set of 'spending more than £10-15 on makeup just seems too much'. However, when I was on the plane to Florida I flicked through their duty-free catalog and came across this gem, the Do The Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit

Within this kit you are given 6 mini makeup products, as well as a tips and tricks booklet to help you complete your bronzed makeup look. My first impression on this was how amazing the products were inside. I was really impressed with what you received in this box set as not only did you receive the hoola powder but you also got the liquid version of it too. All the products inside are products that I know I can't wait to start using. Products that are included are:

- Dew The Hoola 
- Hoola Powder 
- Benebalm 
- Hoola Ultra Plush Lip Gloss 
- 'They're Real' Mascara 

I'm most excited to start using the powder and liquid hoola contour as well as the mascara. I've never used a liquid contour so it will be interesting to find out if I love it or hate it.  I bought this kit for £24 (duty-free price) and I thought it was a great price for what I was receiving. Bargain right?

I can't wait to start using these products in to my daily makeup routine. What I also love about this box set is that I can now try out a few different benefit products and if I fall in love, I just might spend that little extra to add them to my makeup collection permanently. Have you used any of these products? 

Tabitha xo 

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