Summer Bucket List

12 June 2016

I recently read a post over on Eleanor Claudie's blog and it was on her summer bucket list and inspired me to create my own bucket list and I thought it would also be a nice idea to share it with you all like Eleanor did. This month I'm flying off to America (Orlando, Florida) and I have a few things I would like to do whilst I'm out there. I also have a few things I would like to do during the summer holidays as it's my last summer before I start university.


1. Take a few OOTD pictures whilst I'm out in Florida 
2. Meet Mickey Mouse - How can I go Disney and NOT meet Mickey Mouse? 
3. Read at least one book whilst on holiday 
4. Go to Be Our Guest for a meal - I know I'll be able to tick this one off as we have a booking reservation on our first day their! 
5. Vlog whilst I'm away and try and talk to the camera


6. Try and exercise 3 times a week (I was doing this but due to coursework and work, I haven't been able to maintain a good regime, so hopefully I can get back to it during the summer holidays) 
7. Read at least 5 books or more 
8. Explore London on my own (I want to enjoy London whilst I'm living close to it) 
9. Upload 2 posts or more a week on my blog 
10. Vlog summer outings and again talk to the camera 
11. Become more adventurist when it comes to healthy eating and new foods 
12. Go on more walks and bike rides 
13. Visit the seaside more than once (I'd like to go Brighton at least once this summer) 
14. Practise my photography skills 
15. Wear more fashion items that I want to wear and not worry what others think 
16. Pass my driving test 
17. Find cute bookstores and coffee shops
18. Treat myself and buy more makeup and clothes I normally wouldn't buy
19. Visit Cambridge and Chester (potential universities I could be going to and I just want to explore the areas a bit more before I go)
20. Save up for a Michael Kors Bag (Here's hoping I can do this!)

So that's everything that I want to try and achieve over the summer holidays and before I go to university. I think most of my goals are pretty achievable but we'll soon see at the end of the summer holidays where I will reflect back on to this post. 

What's on your summer bucket list? 

Tabitha xo