First Ever Mac Lipstick

2 June 2016

I love wearing lipstick, it's probably the favourite part of my makeup routine. Deciding what lipstick I want to wear and then applying it. What's crazy is that up until now, I have never owned a Mac lipstick, I know, crazy right? I'm soon flying off to America (in about 3 weeks) and I wanted a lipstick that would be long lasting and a lipstick I could pretty much wear with every outfit. With a bit of advice from bloggers who own Mac lipstick I narrowed it down to the one I wanted.

I went for a nude shade as nude can go with EVERYTHING, which is perfect. The shade I went for was Spirit which has a satin finish and I absolutely love it, I don't know why it's taken me this long to purchase a Mac lipstick (although this could turn in to an unhealthy obsession which my bank account would not be happy about).

I have worn it already a few times and I can't stop picking it up, so I just know that this lipstick is going to be well loved and will be a great lipstick for when I'm over in America. 

I'm very happy with my purchase but I would love to know some of your favourite shades? Let me know in the comments. 

Tabitha xo