Blackberry Bath Bomb

23 June 2016

Lush Impressions #2 

Continuing on with my lush impressions posts, I bring you today another bath bomb review. Today I'll be giving my review on Blackberry Bath Bomb (link). My expectations for this bath bomb was high (as they always are) due to how yummy this bath bomb smelt before I plopped it in my bath. 

Blackberry bath bomb left my bath water looking amazing, making my bath water turn this deep purple. The aroma coming off the water was so yummy that I couldn't wait to slip in under the water. There are two oils that are used within this bath bomb, bergamot and frankincense. Bergamot is used to release anxiety, depression and nervous tension. I'm not depressed but I definitely am feeling anxious towards finishing my college course and this bath bob definitely helped me relax whilst I was reading my book.  The frankincense oil also helps you to relax as well as both of them being antibacterial. The oils also left my skin feeling silky soft when I finally stepped out of the bath.

A nice touch to this bath bomb after the amazing smell and how relaxed it makes you feel but once the bath bomb has dissolved, a little note saying Boom Boom lifts to the top of the water. I don't know, I just thought it was a nice touch to the bath bomb.

Have you used Blackberry Bath Bomb? Or have you got any favourite lush products? 

Tabitha xo