Pinterest Love #1

23 May 2016

I love pinterest and I'm always finding beautiful and inspiring photographs on there. I always regretted not taking a photography course at college as I find the hobby and skill so fascinating and the end piece always looks great, so I appreciate the photography that I find on pinterest.
I recently discovered Mandy over on A Girl, Obsessed and every now and then she shares pins that she's been loving and it inspired me to create a post like hers. I love scrolling through her pin posts and it made me want to share my pins with you too.

 This open-backed top is just stunning (pin 1) | I found this makeup look when searching Mac lipsticks and I love it (pin 2
 This cute picture of a couple made me smile and think of me and my boyfriend (pin 3) | I adore these bunch of flowers (pin 4
 After seeing this photo, all I want to do now is go to Lush and have a binge shop (pin 5) | These frozen yogurt pots are a brilliant idea, definitely re-creating these during the summer holidays (pin 6)
 All these sunglasses are so pretty (pin 7) | I love the look of these vintage looking caps (pin 8
 I love this bear bun look, I can't seem to pull it off myself unfortunately (pin 9) | I've been loving blonde hair at the moment and this style is so pretty! (pin 10
I've recently stuck loads of photos on my wall and this photo inspired me to do so (pin 11) | This excites me to start packing my hand luggage (pin 12

I have linked all of the photos above if you want to pin them yourself. Are there any pins that you're loving at the moment? If so, please send me some links down below, I would love to check them out! 

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Tabitha xoxo