Life Update - Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane 2016

10 April 2016

Hey Book Lovers and All,
  This post is a little different to my normal posts but like I said in my 'Little Changes' post, I want to upload some lifestyle posts as well, documenting events in my life. I hope you like this little change and enjoy reading this post and enjoy watching my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO!. Yep, you heard it, I uploaded my first youtube video, it's a 'day in a life' kind of video and I hope you like it!

Last week, my mum, brother and I went on a spontaneous trip to London to explore some markets. The markets we went to were Spitalfields Market (old and new) and we also explored the markets down Brick Lane (and there was a lot of markets!). There were so many quirky and lovely market stools and I loved looking round them, there was even a book stool, where this man sold brand new copies of books at lower prices and of course I bought a book or two. We also discovered a cute coffee shop within one of the market areas, it had books everywhere (including Alice in Wonderland) and it had such a lovely feel to it (there coffee was great too!). Below are some photo's from our day out in London, I hope you like them.
Overall, I had a lovely day and it was fun to just explore these markets as you can find so many gems within them. Only a short and sweet post, so I hope you all don't mind but below I have linked my very first youtube video so you can all watch it! I would love to know what you all think of it, so please comment below or on the video so I can hear your feedback.

Love you all,
  Tabitha x