The Lunar Chronicles - A Book Series Review #1

15 March 2016

Hey Book Lovers,
  Today I have a book series review to share with you, as you may know I have recently finished 'Winter' by Marissa Meyer and because it's become one of my favourite series to date, I thought I would write a review to share all my views on the four books in the series.
  Disclaimer: There may be some spoilers in this post (apologies in advance, I do try my best to not include spoilers as I know how annoying they are! and also, these are my views so please respect that but I would love to know your opinions as I find it interesting to hear other peoples views!).

// Cinder // 5 Stars // Date Read, 06/01/16 // 

I heard so much hype when it came to the first book, it took me a while to finally pick this book up but when I did, I was glad that I did. It was my first sci-fi book and I really did find it really interesting when exploring the ski-fi futuristic world, I loved the aspect of cyborgs and androids living among humans. I thought it was brilliant that Cinder was a cyborg, as you could learn about the many struggles that a cyborg faces in their day to day life and it really is heart breaking learning about what Cinder went through, especially with her step-mother Adri. There were so many relationships in this story and every one of them were unique, all having many emotions thrown in to them. An iconic friendship that grows is Cinder's and Iko's, you learn to love an android and most of the time when I was reading this book (series in fact), I forgot she was even an android. I also can't not mention Cinder's relationship with Kai, the beginnings of a cinderella and prince charming story (just not like how you remember). Overall I loved this book and it's what convinced me to continue on with the series. 

// Scarlet // 5 Stars // Date Read, 01/02/16 // 

The main aspect I loved about this book, was seeing how both stories intwined with one another, learning about the story of Princess Selene and being introduced to new characters. Scarlet and Wolf were great assets to the story, really bringing something different to the story and there was so much action incorporated in to their story, making this book a little more exciting than the first. Whilst following the story of Scarlet and Wolf, we also got to witness Cinder's growth as a person and watch her many struggles of what she should do (with everything that was thrown at her at the end of the last book), as well as dealing with her new companion Thorne, who none the less was a handful for her. Saying that, it was interesting to have such a different personality bounce off of Cinder. This book was so action pack yet had again so much emotion thrown in to it that, I couldn't put it down and it also made me decide to marathon the rest of the series as I loved the characters so much and I wanted to see where their story led. 

// Cress // 5 Stars // Date Read, 11/02/16 // 

What made this book interesting was seeing the team (that was made up by the end of 'Scarlet') go different directions due to unfortunately being split up and watching them try their hardest to find each other. During that experience we met Cress and the ship Cress and Thorne was born. Even though, their little relationship became quite childish, there was no way I couldn't love them both together as Cress was just adorable and you felt sorry for her because she has never felt love before due to being locked up in a spaceship most of her life. We also got to see the struggle of Scarlet and Wolf being split up and really learning how strong their relationship has become. You also feel sorry for Cinder due to the stress she's been put through and really not knowing what to do. Again there was so much action in this story as well as emotional heart ache but it was all worth it as it was a great book. 

// Winter // 4 1/2 Stars // Date Read, 04/03/16 // 

So much happened in this book, I can't believe the story is actually over. I loved this book and it was definitely a great ending to the series. Why the 4 1/2 stars though? You might be wondering, well I only gave this book that rating purely down to how long it was, it was just too long for me. I felt there were a few scenes within the book that weren't necessarily needed but other than that it really was a great book. We met some new characters, such as Winter who I do have mix feelings on but at the end of the day she did bring something new and quirky to the book which I loved and I soon fell in love with her character and her love story. It was a lovely book full of action, suspense and emotion, what isn't there to love about that?! A great final piece to a superb series. 

Out of all four books, I would say 'Cress' was my favourite. I loved Cress' story and I just loved the journeys all of the characters went through. I'm sad that the story is now finished but its definitely a series I plan to pick up again in the future, I'll also pick up Marissa Meyer's novella's that link in with the story to learn even more about this futuristic world. 
  Overall it was an A* series, that I definitely won't forget. 

Have you read the Lunar Chronicles? Or are you currently making your way through the series? Tell me your opinions below!! 

Love you all, 
  Tabitha x 

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