February Wrap Up #4

1 March 2016

Hey Book Bloggers,
  How was your February? Did you have a successful reading month? As you can probably see, I have had a full on Lunar Chronicles month. I loved the first book so much I decided to try and marathon the series this month and I almost succeeded in reading all of the Lunar Chronicles this month, but I just missed out on finishing Winter which is annoying. On my behalf though, Winter is a REALLY big book and I've had little time to really read it. I know I'll be finishing it soon and the plan is to write a little series review! So here's to the books I read this month! 
  I have also linked the goodreads pages and where you can buy the books that I have mentioned below!

// Scarlet (Book 2) // Marissa Meyer // 5 Stars // 

Another fabulous read written by Marissa Meyer. I also think I enjoyed this book more than the first! So much more happened and I loved seeing the individual story lines link together and see more mysteries unravel. Scarlet, Wolf and Thorne are great assets to this story and I loved all of them, they really were great characters and they all had incredible interesting back stories. 
  This book made me so excited to read the next book as when it ended I had so many questions, which is why I picked up Cress straight after! 

// Cress // Marissa Meyer // 5 Stars // 

It's official I LOVE Marissa Meyer! Her writing style and her imagination is just brilliant, I honestly adore these fairytale retellings. They have such a different take on the original fairytales but they are SO GOOD. 
  I really enjoyed Cress, so much happened. Even more happened in Cress than in Scarlet and I thought Scarlet was action packed! It was lovely meeting Cress and she's such an innocent character, with a great imagination. I also love the idea of Thorne and Cress (they were SUPER cute, pretty much throughout the WHOLE book, I love them!). It was also interesting to see Levana's point of view and witnessing her opinions on the events that happen in the book. Overall I adored this book. 

My Total Page Count so Far in 2016: 2,018 Pages 

I really do love this series and I'm so close to finishing Winter, I really don't want it to end... Here's to another month reading amazing books!

Love you all, 
  Tabitha xx