January Wrap Up #3

2 February 2016

Hey Book Lovers,
  I hope you all had a wonderful month, already the first month of 2016 is over, who can believe it. Not much has happened this month other than falling back into the same routine of college, work and reading - although I'm liking that I am falling into my normal routine again, it scares me to think that I only have less than 6 months left of college and then I'll soon be joing University where I will have to 'act' like an adult. Overall I think I have had a pretty successful month considering how busy I have been during this last month. I read a few books as well as a few novellas (due to falling in love with a particular author).
  I have linked the books goodreads pages and where you can buy them too!

// Cinder (Book 1) // Marissa Meyer // 5 Stars //

I absolutely LOVED and ADORED this book, it definitely has starting my reading year with a bang. It was superb, I just couldnt get enough of it. The story line was so unique and perfect which is the main reason why I loved this book and of course Cinder. Cinder was such a brilliant character, I loved every bit of her and she was such a relatable character because she wasnt perfect but that made her the perfect charcter. All of the characters made this story and it makes me so excited to read the next ones! I have written a full review aswell on my blog, the link being here, as I thought it deserved one. 

I have never read a graphic novel or comic before but I was pleasently surprised when I picked The Walking Dead up. I've not really watched the TV series but my brother is mad about it and whenever he has it on, I'll sometimes sit down and watch (enjoying what I've watched) and for Christmas my brother got quite a few of the comics. So why not pick them up? I thought. 
  At first it was quite hard to get a grip with the writing style as I'm not used to reading a comic book but as I got further in to the story, reading it became easier. What I loved about this book is that I could read it in one sitting, making it such a relaing read (if you could call the walking dead relaxing). The story was interesting and very different to what I have read before but I really did enjoy it, I loved the character building too. I'm definitely going to be reading some more of these comics!

// Crown of Midnight (Book 2) // Sarah J. Mass // 5 Stars //

Wow, wow, wow, WOW. This book was brilliant, I loved it. So much happened in this book that pulled on my heart strings and I just couldn't put it down. I think I do prefer this book to the first one but that's okay, it makes me incredible happy that authors can make their later books better than their first ones, to me it makes a series even better. There were scenes in this book that left me so shocked and heart broken, it was ridiculous but I loved them.. I can't wait to read 'Heir of Fire' and continue with Celaena's journey. 

During the month of January I also read a few short stories, both written by Marissa Meyer as I LOVED Cinder so much, I needed to read more of her work there and then! The two stories I read were; 
// Glitches (Book 0.5) // 4 Stars //
// The Little Android (Book 0.6) // 3 Stars //

I really enjoyed both and it was nice to read these two stories after Cinder. Glitches was my favourite one out of the two of them as it was interesting to witness Cinder's life when she first met her stepmother and stepsisters! But it was cool to see Cinder appear in the story The Little Android. 
  You can find both of these stories on Marissa Meyer's Wattpad profile (link). 

My Total Page Count so Far in 2016: 1,016 Pages 

A bunch of great books to start the year with.

Tabitha x