First Impressions on the Harry Potter Colouring Book

31 January 2016

Hey Book Bloggers,
  A couple of days ago I went out and bought the Harry Potter Colouring Book, I love colouring and so I thought having a colouring book on one of my favourite series of all times was a must. I honestly don't know why it's taken me ages to get this book because I'm really impressed with it. There are some amazing pictures that are stills from the films and then there are some great patterns incorporating items and themes from Harry Potter. I haven't coloured in many pictures yet but I have done a few.
  The best time I find great to colour is in the evening as it helps me calm down from a tiring day and I also love colouring whilst watching TV and my favourite youtubers uploads.

Here are a few pictures of the colouring book itself //

Credit to my friend Ellie who coloured in this picture. 
Overall I really like this colouring book especially because it's Harry Potter so I enjoy colouring in the pages as  I can relate to the pictures so well. 
  They're also bringing out a magical creatures colouring book too which I know I'll be buying when it comes out! Have you got this colouring book? Do you like it? 

Tabitha x 


  1. I LOVE this book! I haven't had the guts yet to colour it because I'm afraid I'm gonna ruin it, but it's so lovely! :D
    You've coloured it very nicely! :D