Waitress The Musical ★ Review

13 November 2019

Last week Matt and I made the very spontaneous decision to jump on the train and see a musical. When I say last minute, it was last minute. We jumped on the train at around 6:30pm and made it to Holborn by 7:10pm, purchasing our tickets on the door at around 7:25pm. It was a whirlwind for sure but a very worthwhile visit. As you can tell by the title and the image, the musical we went to see was Waitress, a musical that has been on my list to watch for quite some time and let's just say, I was not dissapointed.

Before I listened to the soundtrack or saw the show, I would ask other musical lovers what is this show about? But honestly it really is hard to explain without giving the whole story line away. So here is the offical synopsis on the Waitress UK website:

"Meet Jenna, a waitress and an expert pie-maker who dreams of some happiness in her life. When a hot new doctor arrives in town, life gets complicated. With the support of her workmates, Becky and Dawn, Jenna overcomes the challenges she faces and finds that laughter, love and friendship can provide the perfect recipe for happiness."

This show exceeded my expectations completely. I knew I would probably love it from listening to the score and hearing what others thought, but damn, I did not think I would love it as much as I do now that I have seen it. It really did blow me away with how beautiful the story and the music was.

I was very much looking forward to seeing Lucie Jones play Jenna as I had heard nothing but outstanding reviews and again she blew me away. She made me laugh, smile and cry with her acting and gorgeous singing. I hadn't seen her on stage before but she really was brilliant and I really do hope to see her on stage again soon, whether that is seeing Waitress again or another show. Usually, David Hunter plays the role as Dr Pomatter but he was away for our viewing so we had the ever so talented Michael Hamway. I honestly fell in love with Michael's version of Dr Pomatter. He was endearing and goofy and just so loveable. My heart really did melt for his character and his relationship with Jenna. Gave me all the feels and butterflies. Lucie and Michael both worked really well together and made the whole performance so much more enjoyable that it already was (if that's even possible) and they made me cry like a baby when listening to their version of 'You Matter to Me'.

Sandra Marvin and Laura Baldwin who play Becky and Dawn were also superb. They brought so much light and laughter to the show, they didn't fail to make me laugh or smile. I also thought that Sandra's, Laura's and Lucie's voices all worked so well together and when they sang 'Soft Place to Land' it was so incredibly beautiful. Other performanced that definitely need a mention for being great were Tamlyn Henderson who played Earl, Andrew Boyer who played Old Joe, Stephen Leask who played Cal and finally Joe Sugg who played Ogie. All of them did brilliant and brought something to the show that made the again, so incredibly enjoyable. Finally, I couldn't not mention the chorus, who were phenominal and brought the show alive along with the principles.

Something else I wanted to mention was how brilliant the choreography was. It was again beautiful and so different. A scene I thought that was especially special and amazing was the contractions/labour scene. Honestly so beautiful. What I also loved as well about the production of this show, is how the band was on stage! I have never seen that before on a West End show and it was really impressive and unique.

As you can tell from reading this review, I have utterly fallen in love with this show and it is definitely up there as one of my all time favourites! This is definitely a show I would recommend anyone seeing as it's just so beautiful and powerful.

Have you seen Waitress? What were your thoughts? or is this a musical you would love to see soon? 

Tabitha xx


  1. I haven't ever seen this musical, but I would 100% be interested! Love when spontaneous ideas turn out to be so memorable and rewarding. A musical with engaging choreography is always the best!!