★ 9 to 5 The Musical ★

4 August 2019

I bloomin' love musicals! Going to London and watching a musical is one of my favourite things to do and so I was very excited when I bought last minute tickets to go and see 9 to 5 last Friday. I bought Matt and I's tickets on an app called Today Tix - which is my favourite app to book musical/play tickets from - and recently they have been offering Rush Ticket sales. If you don't know what a Rush Ticket is, these are the tickets the theatre release on the day of the show at 10am for a cheaper price and normally these tickets are front row or stall tickets! Our tickets ended up being £25 each and we were sat second row of the stalls, so super close to the stage.
9 to 5 The Musical is a Dolly Parton Jukebox musical, so you can expect lot's of Dolly's classics as well as her not so known music throughout the show. If you don't know what 9 to 5 is about, it follows three women working in a office run by a sexist and egotistical boss who pushes them to far...
Picture sourced from The Standard. 
From Left to Right: Caroline Sheen (top), Amber Davies (top), Natalie McQueen (top), Brian Conley (bottom), Bonnie Langford (bottom)
One of the reasons I wanted to see this musical is due to Natalie McQueen starring in it. She plays the role of Doralee and her performance didn't dissapoint! It was amazing to see her play such a different role to what I have seen her play before (Lauren from Kinky Boots) and she did a superb job. Doralee is the character that Dolly played in the film and you can really see how Natalie took inspiration from how Dolly played the character but she also added her own spin to it too. Making it her own Doralee. Her voice never dissapoints me either. She sang beautifully and I loved how she added the country girl twang, again very different to her last role. I always enjoy watching Natalie on stage and I can't wait to see what her next show will be.

Caroline Sheen played Violet and again I was really blown away with her performance. Her voice was spectacular and she played the role brilliantly, bringing a lot of humour to the character which I really enjoyed. I haven't ever seen Caroline perform before but she was superb and I hope to see her in other future performances.

I was also really excited to see Amber Davies, performing as the sweet and shy Judy. You may know Amber from being 2017's Love Island winner but before that, she always wanted to be a performer. This is her first West End show, making it her debut and honestly, I was blown away from her performance. I didn't know what to expect but she was great. Her voice gave me chills and nearly made me cry when she was singing 'Get Out and Stay Out'. I loved how she played Judy, really innocent and funny! I really do wish her all the best when it comes to her West End career, as she is such a talented actress.
Brian Conley also stars in this show, playing Franklin Hart Jr, the sleezy, sexist boss! Brian was so funny! I have seen him on TV but wow, he really was made for the stage! He was a character you wanted to hate but he was just so funny that you couldn't not look forward to seeing him on the stage, especially when it comes to Act 2! If you've seen the musical you'll know what I mean! 

Finally, another famous face, Bonnie Langford. Other than seeing her on Eastenders, I haven't seen much of her work but just like Brian, she was so incredibly funny! There is a scene where she just surprises you and surprises you and it is great! Probably the funniest moment of the show, as well as a few others but still, it was really funny! She also has a brilliant and strong voice. Bonnie played the role of Roz. 
Picture Source from The Standard
I really did enjoy this musical. The music was upbeat and fun and I thouroughly enjoyed watching all the dance routines as they were all so good and skillful! I have to mention the ensembloe as it would wrong not too! The ensemble was brilliant too, they were upbeat and incredibly talented! It was lovely to see Sean Needham again (another cast member from Kinky Boots) and it was lovely to see so many more talented people that I haven't seen perform before.

I think out of all the songs, my favourite has to be other 'Backwards Barbie' sang by Doralee/Natalie McQueen or 'Get Out and Stay Out' sand by Judy/Amber Davies. They were both sang beautifully and brought tears to my eyes. I also really loved the costuming and the set design. It really fitted into the era this musical is set, the 80s. Lots of bright colours and big hair too!
Overall, I really did enjoy this musical. I don't think it is one of my favourites of all time but I would definitely see it again and I would also love to be in this show too! - if you don't know, I am part of a Amatuer Dramatics group, so I always think about what show's I'd love to perform in. If you haven't seen this show yet, then definitely get down there when you can, especially if you want to see all the actors I have mentioned above! I also recommend using Today Tix to get your tickets as I couldn't recommend them enough! Have you seen 9 to 5? or do you plan on seeing it soon? 

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  1. I never felt that inclined to see this musical but after reading this I feel much more tempted! I think I'm going to see Joseph & The Technicolour Dreamcoat in a few weeks though, which I am veery excited for ! x

  2. That app sounds so amazing, I'm just moving to London and I love going to the theatre so I am so glad I discovered your post!! Whilst I've seen adverts for this plastered all over the tube I didn't actually know much about the plot - sounds like a great show! I'm definitely adding it to my musical wishlist! xx

  3. OMG. I'd love to have the opportunity to go to this play. I loved your post. Made me feel like I was tehre with you!