Walt Disney World Diaries: Day 4

8 January 2019

It's been a while since I last posted a Walt Disney World Diary post so I thought it would be fun finally upload another one. We are now up to day 4 & 5 in my diary series and I can't believe that Matt and I visited way over a month ago now! We miss it everyday but writing these posts remind how lucky I was to visit in November and I can't wait to visit again soon.

Day 4
Morning at Hollywood Studios
On our 4th full day at Disney we decided we would have an early morning at Hollywood Studios. We spent most of the morning wondering around Toy Story Land and jumping on rides that had a short queue. However, our main focus was to watch some of the shows they have at Hollywood Studios. Matt really wanted to watch the Indiana Jones Stunt Show so I made sure we had a fast pass so we could get centre seats. It's always really fun watching this show as it's fascinating how these films are made and how many people our involved. Matt thoroughly enjoyed the show (even though it was so hot) and so did I. We then watched the Little Mermaid Show they have, which neither of us had seen before. It was nice to get out of the heat and we loved singing along to all of the songs. I would definitely go and watch it again. I especially loved all the bubbles and how you get mist sprayed as you go under the water. 
I was so excited as we decided to have lunch at Toy Story Land. We opted for the beef briskit toastie and the chilli tater tots. They were both such yummy dishes and I for sure will be dining there again in the future. 
Evening at the Outlets
Instead of spending our evening at another park we thought it would be fun to go to the outlets as they were just round the corner to us from our resort. It was actually a really fun evening of window shopping, actual shopping and munching on food. I bought a few little bits including a new jumper, some North Face items and a gorgeous new Micheal Kors bag, which I love and use on a daily basis. We were pretty tired at this point in the week so we had a pretty chilled evening and headed back to our resort pretty early ready for our next day in the parks. 

Day 5
Morning at Disney Springs & Port Orleans Resort
We decided on having a lazy morning as again we were really tired, so we headed over to Disney Springs to do some final shopping as this would have been the last time we would go to Disney Springs. I really do love DS as it always gives off a great atmosphere; day and night. It was also nice because it was pretty empty when we first got there. I picked up a gorgeous Christmas Stitch and he now sits proudly on my shelf. After we did some shopping we then decided to head on over to Port Orleans as we wanted to have a little explore at a resort we so desperately want to stay at.
As soon as we arrived at Port Orleans I fell in love. I knew I wanted to stay here but after seeing it with my own eyes, I now know I definitely want to stay. The detail is just stunning. I've always wanted to visit New Orleans anyway as the aesthetic there is just beautiful. I especially loved the layout. It's almost designed like you are walking down the streets of Orleans and there are some wonderful sights of the river passing through.
I mean look how cute those crocs are?! Whilst we were visiting, I suggested we should try the famous beignets and wow, I'm glad we did. They're not the most amazing things in the world but I really did enjoy them. Not overly too sweet (which sometimes can be a problem at Disney because everything is so sweet!) and because they were made fresh they were super warm and just overall yummy. After are little visit we are now in love with the resort and hope to stay there on our next trip.

Evening at Magic Kingdom
After we got back to our resort we made ourselves look pretty and headed over to Magic Kingdom. We had a few fast passes booked but our main focus was to watch Happily Ever After - the firework show they have there. We were also excited as Disney had just put up their Christmas Tree up and I don't think either of us were prepared for how huge it was going to be. I was blown away and of course I had to get a quick snap in front of it. 
Soon after we looked up at the tree and watched the Dapper Dans sing merry Christmas songs we were approached by a photopass cast member and she asked if we could follow her. We happily followed and she took us to the nook where Snow would normally meet and said she would take some photos of us. We hadn't even asked and when she started telling us what to do we felt so grateful as the photos she snapped were just lovely. She didn't need to do that for us but she did. As soon as we finished taking photos we thanked her and went straight into the Town Hall to share our appreciation. We always feel like people our quick to complain so we thought it would be nice to send a happy note to her. The cast member in the Town Hall actually found her on the system and we wrote a letter to her and she made sure that it would get to her. Honestly it was such a magical moment and we are still thankful. 
Following that, we went to meet some characters. As I've said before. I love meeting characters and apart from a few iconic rides its my favourite thing to do in the parks. I especially wanted to meet Goofy as he's my number 1 out of the gang and I just love the photos we got from the experience. Goofy blamed Donald and his snakes for crashing his bike, when we asked him what had happened. Donald then proceeded to tell us that it was just his snakes as they were hypnotised! It was a rather funny experience. 
After we met Goofy and Donald and rode on a few rides we headed to Main Street to watch the fireworks. I went and bought us some Orange Swirls as we hadn't tried them before. Very different from what we expected but they were still pretty yummy, though a dolewhip is definitely my favourite. The fireworks were gorgeous as always and I cried like a baby. Far more than I did the first time I saw them. Disney just gets me so emotional now, it's crazy but I'm not ashamed! It's just because I love it so much! 

We had a lovely 4th and 5th day! At this point however we were starting to get pretty upset that our trip was coming to an end but we still felt so lucky to be there. I hope you're enjoying these posts and I can't believe the next post will be the final one until our next trip! Which will hopefully be this year... but we shall see! 

Until next time, 
Tabitha xx 


  1. Ohhhh thats SO lovely about the photos taken of you, what a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do, and I bet you'll cherish those photos forever! It looks like you had such an amazing time. I haven't been to Disney in years, but I really want to take my son when he's a bit older, I can't wait to experience the magic again!
    Hels xx

    1. It really was such a thoughtful thing! Oh it will be so special when you take your son! I can't wait to take my future children hehe! xx

  2. Always wanted to go to Disneyland/World and I've not had the chance yet, it sounds like you had an amazing time!

    1. I had a great time thank you! I'm sure you'll have the chance soon! I have my fingers crossed for you!!

  3. The Little Mermaid Show with all of the singing and being sprayed with water sounds amazing to me, I'd love to see it one day! Port Orleans seems like an incredible place to stay, I'm sure you'll make it there one day! I'm so happy that you got to meet your fave man Goofy too!

    1. It really is so fun! Hopefully you'll get to see it! It's just so cute. I hope we get there soon! It's such a stunning resort - great for outfit shoots!!