2019 Goals

1 January 2019

I hope you had a wonderful 2018 and I hope that 2019 treats you well too! 
Good evening everyone. I hope you are all well wherever you are! I'll be honest, I've been recovering from a hangover all day but oh well, it was a jolly good evening with all my friends and especially with Matt. It doesn't matter where I spend New Years Eve, as long as Matt is there, as that is all that matters to me. Crazy but this is the 6th year Matt and I have entered together and we both can't wait for what this year holds for us both. I thought, that it would be a nice idea to share with you all the 8 goals I have for myself for this year and fingers crossed I'll be able to stick to these goals throughout the year. 

1. Read more books! 
Last year wasn't the greatest reading year for me. I think it was probably down to university stress and just not making time for reading when I could have. I have set my goodreads goal as 20 books however I really hope I can read far more than 20 but we shall stay small to keep it reachable. The goal is to read at least 2 books a month, so let's hope I manage to keep this up, as I can't wait to make 2019 the year of reading! 

2. Finish those book series! 
There're a few book series I started reading but then with all the other books and time getting in the way I haven't made the time to continue on with these series. Two book series in particular is 'The Mortal Instruments' (& all of the shadow hunter books for that matter) and the 'Throne of Glass' series. My plan is to try and complete or make more progress with these two (& more) series! I've  got a blog post going live soon, going into more detail of book series I want to finish and start! 
3. Review more books! 
As you can probably tell from reading my blog posts over the last two months, I have loved writing book reviews. I'm not the greatest but I feel like every time I upload a book review, they slowly improve. I'm hoping to upload more book reviews this year and I'm giving myself a goal of at least 2 reviews a month! So expect to see many more in the future! 

4. Continue exercising! 
I'll be honest, this definitely fluctuates but when I do get myself into a routine, I absolutely love exercising! I have been trying to exercise between 3 to 5 times a week as well as trying to include at least 1 run in and so far it's going well. I'm hoping to try and continue doing this as it has definitely made me feel far better about myself! 

5. Drinking water! 
Recently, I have made a habit of carrying my water bottle everywhere I go, whether that's out and about or just around the house. I have seen such a difference since drinking at least a litre of water a day. I feel more awake and my skin has definitely cleared up. If I go a day or two of not drinking a litre of water, I feel groggy and my skin breaks out so I'm definitely going to try and keep this habit throughout 2019.
6. Save money! 
I have really struggled with money over the past year. I just haven't been able to save up much at all. I'm hoping that this year I'll be able to save a little more money (aiming to put away £10 a week) to out towards Matt and I's future. We have our own little goal and I do hope we manage to surpass it! 

7. Graduate! 
I'm coming up to my last stretch at university. At this point I'm not fused about what grade I get, all I want to do is graduate. At the end of the day I'm proud that I even got into university, let alone I'll be graduating later this year. It really has been a struggle so to see it to the end is definitely going to be a massive achievement for me, regardless of what grade I leave with. 

8. Improve my photography! 
I have been loving my instagram account and taking pictures of my Disney and book collection. I have created some amazing friends too. I'm honestly so happy I decided to create pocoloco_tabitha last year! This year however, I want to up my game and push myself when it comes to my photography! This year I'm hoping I can do that and I hope to create more wonderful friends too. If you don't follow me then please do, as it would mean the absolute world. 
There you have my 8 personal goals I have for myself. I really hope you enjoyed reading this post. I really hope I'm able to keep on top of them! I may write an update post later on in the year to see whether I stuck to them or not but for now, I hope you all had a wonderful 2018 and that 2019 is another fabulous year for you all! 

Until next time, 

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  1. Ahh I love these goals - and I love how many focus on reading - similar to me! Good luck with the final stretch of uni, you should be so proud of yourself!
    Hels xxx

  2. These goals are so similar to mine, definitely need to do more reading as well as develop my photography over on @el.lights
    Can't wait to see where 2019 takes you.