Disney World Diaries #2: Day 2

1 December 2018

Aloha sweethearts! How are we all this weekend? Sorry there was no post last Saturday but I wasn't in the best mind set so I thought I'd give it a miss and focus on myself. However, today I'm back with a brand new Disney World Diaries post! I can't wait  to share with you what Matt and I got up to on day 2 of our magical holiday!

Morning at Epcot
For our second day at Disney we decided to go to Epcot in the morning! We woke up bright and early so that we could race to get to the Frozen ride (unfortunately, I was unable to get a fastpass for this ride and there was no way I was going to miss going on it - Frozen is definitely a strong favourite of mine) before we headed to the Norway pavilion we picked up a coffee and pastry from Starbucks, I'm obsessed with their cheese danishes! Once we picked up our breakfast we headed over to the World Showcase and sat by the Norway pavilion waiting for the showcase to open (if you didn't know, Epcot opens at 9am however the showcase where all the pavilions are doesn't open until 10am! It was really lovely sat by the water, drinking our coffees and just thinking how lucky we were to be there again. 
Annoyingly when the showcase finally opened, Frozen Ever After was closed due to technical difficulties so we decided to walk round the showcase whilst it was empty and on the way round we bumped into Chip & Dale! There was no queue so we decided to head on over to meet them. Chip & Dale are becoming a strong favourite of mine as they are always so fun and they're both adorable! 
After wondering round the showcase and exploring some of the pavilions we heard that Frozen Ever After was back up and running so we headed over whilst the queue was still short (20 minutes) and I'm so glad we jumped on the ride! It always makes me smile and as much as Frozen over hyped, I was always a fan and I'll never get sick of belting out Let it Go! I also just love themeing to this ride too. 

Not only did we meet Chip & Dale, we also met Daisy who was dressed in her super cute chef uniform! The food and wine festival was running whilst we were at Epcot so there was lots of foody and wine themeing so her little outfit fitted right in! I love meeting Daisy as she is always so funny! She is definitely a sass queen and I always get so excited to say hello to her! After we jumped on a few other rides and had some lunch at the China pavilion, which was so yummy! We decided to head off to Hollywood Studios! 

Evening at Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios is becoming mine and Matts favourite park (I mean it won't ever beat Magic Kingdom for me but it's definitely a very close second) just because of all the new things that are coming to the park! By next year Star Wars Land will be open as well as the new Mickey Mouse ride, which I'm so excited to see, so we are always so excited to go to Hollywood Studios. On our first evening there, I had booked some fastpasses for our three top rides at Hollywood Studios. Those being: Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster & Toy Story Mania! 
I'm always nervous to jump on Tower of Terror but for some reason this trip I found a new love for it! It always makes your belly go but it's such a funny ride and Matt and I always have such a laugh on there! Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is just as fun too, with it's shooting start and loops! It really is such an adrenaline rush. It's the only coaster that goes upside down in the Disney (which is crazy) so we always make sure we can jump on this ride when visiting Hollywood Studios. Toy Story Mania is our favourite ride in Toy Story Land! I never win but we always have so much fun! It takes your classic shooting ride to a whole new level! 
Before we left Hollywood Studios we decided to get in line to meet Woody & Jessie! We've never met Jessie and I really wanted to because she was such a role model to me when I was little! Even though the wait was tiresome, I think we waited for 20/30 minutes! But it was so worth it as our meet was so funny! Woody actually gave me so much attention and wouldn't let go of me! He loved my Goofy ears and he was just so sweet! Matt and Jessie also had a lovely little meet too! I will definitely wait in line again to meet them and I love that it was in the evening as the photos came out with such a nice warm tone affect on them! 
So, another wonderful day at Walt Disney World. I honestly adore this place so much and I cherish  every moment I get to spend there. I think my highlight of the day was definitely meeting Woody & Jessie! 

Again, I hope you enjoyed this post! I love writing them, revisiting such cherished memories! I still have plenty more days to share with you so definitely keep your eyes out for more Walt Disney World Diary posts! 

Until next time, Tabitha xx 


  1. Your trip looks like so much fun! Hopefully you got another chance to get on the frozen ride though!

    Love, Bronagh xo

    1. It was so much fun! Unfortunately we only got on it once this trip but hopefully on our next trip we can get on it again! Thank you for commenting! 🖤