Destination Goals #1

4 March 2018

Aloha dolls 🌺

Recently I have been really successful when it comes to following and sticking to my goals. I thought every now and then I would give you an update my goals in the hopes I stick to my goals over the months I hope to achieve them. I enjoy reading goal posts too as it helps me stay motivated to reach my personal goals. 

Stay organised and up to date with my blog schedule
This is something that I have been doing so well with recently. I'm hitting my schedule on the nail at the moment, posting twice a week every week for 2 months and I'm so proud of myself. This is something I want to keep up with as seeing my little blog grow in popularity really does bring such a massive smile on my face. I have almost reached 500 followers on Twitter and seeing that's where I post the most, letting everyone know I have published a new post, it indicates that my blog traffic is getting bigger! I know it's not all about the numbers but it does make you happy when your little blog grows. So keeping up with my schedule and staying organised is something I want to try and stay good at.

Eat Healthy
This is something I'm constantly struggling with. It's a constant battle that I have, eating healthy but then bingeing on 4 mini batten-bergs. I'm a nightmare. So I'm determined to make a change. Something I have changed though is my intake on coffees. I drink far to many coffees a day (I could probably drink about 4 cups a day - bad!) and so I have started to drink more herbal teas as they are only 2 calories a cup and they also do wonders to your body. They also taste super yummy and I feel so relaxed and 100% more healthy. Let's hope this healthy eating journey continues!

Workout 3-5 times a week
Working out is another activity I really struggle with too. I will go to the gym for 2 days and then I won't go for another week or 2. I'm so bad when it comes to a workout schedule! I'm going to be cancelling my gym membership however as I just don't use it but I do want to implement home workouts into my life. I love Lucy Wyndham-Read's workouts online and so I really want to make an effort of doing these at least 3-5 times a week!

Save, save, save!
I real bad when it comes to saving. I used to be really good at it when I had a job but now that I don;t have a job and I'm a student with no money! So, I really need to get my arse back into gear and get better at saving. I have signed up at my library to stop me from buying more books and I'm just not going to buy anything unless I really need it! My plan is to save up to £1000 before the end of June - wish me luck!

Clear out my room
I hate how cluttered my room is. I have stuff everywhere! My plan is just to de-clutter my whole room as there is so much stuff in my room that I just don't need. It also makes my room look so messy when I look at how much stuff there really is in there. So hopefully over the next month or so I will de-clutter my room completely (this includes my university room and home room). Maybe when I have finally reached this goal I could share with you a room tour!? Would you be interested in reading a post like that?
There you have all my current goals, I aim to achieve these goals over the next month or so and I also plan to right a catch up post later on to let you all know how I'm getting on and whether i have achieved any of these goals!

Thanks for reading,

Aloha, Tabitha 💃🏻


  1. These are literally my goals too, ha! Oh and I love your wee elephant mug!

    Charlene McElhinney (@blogabtnothing1)

  2. Your mug is gorgeous! I want exercise to be a goal, Ash took me for a run yesterday and I only lasted about 2 minutes haha! I'm doing really well at sticking to yoga though. I'm really great with saving so if you need any tips, I'm your girl!

    Steph x