My Top 5 Red Carpet Dresses | SAG Awards 2018

4 February 2018

Aloha Dolls! 

On the 21st January the SAG awards were held and let's be honest so many of the current Hollywood leading ladies looks so glam and gorgeous. I don't normally post or share my views on my favourite red carpet looks but I thought it would be kinda cool sharing with you all my top 5 looks! Honestly, everyone looked stunning but these 5 dresses definitely stood out for me when looking over the footage of the event!

*All pictures found were on the Vogue website, all rights go to them* 
1. Kristen Bell in J Mendel 
This was probably the prettiest dress I saw on the carpet and it suits Kristen Bell down to a T, with her sweet personality and petite features. The colour is also GORGEOUS, being a very deep pink/purple. It really does give off that princess vibe which again just suits Kristen so well. I also love the cluster of flowers that spread out nearer to the bottom of the dress, so pretty. 
2. Mandy Moore in Diane von Furstenberg 
Now, does this dress not give off Little Mermaid vibes?? Right at the end of the movie when she get's given legs by her dad and she wears that glitter slip dress? Well this dress gave me those vibes and I LOVE it. Mandy Moore looks so beautiful in this slip styled dress and the glitter just makes the dress look even more stunning. I love how it clings on to her body at the top but then subtly flows out near to the bottom. 
3. Margot Robbie in Miu Miu 
Margot Robbie always looks wonderful and she is definitely up there as one of my style icons. This dress is really different with the feathered detail sitting above her waist and she really does rock it. I really love the pearl and diamante detail on the top half of the dress and the colour is super pretty too. I am a little bias as I do idolise her quite a lot but I just love how she pulled of this look even with the 3/4 different textures going on! 
4. Natalia Dyer in Dior Couture 
Natalia Dyer is another icon I idolise and this dress really is gorgeous. The cosmic details on the skirt of the dress makes the outfit so different and unique. This probably has to be my favourite as I love how the skirt puffs out and really focuses on Natalia Dyer's waist. Heightening her figure. I also think this dress is quite simple in the shape and colours yet that makes it look so elegant. 
5. Yara Shahidi in Ralph Lauren Collection 
Finally this is my last pick from the SAG Awards. Yara Shahidi sports this black jumpsuit with the dramatic train coming off at her waist. This stuck out to me as it's again really different. Even though this jumpsuit is just one block colour the train at the back really makes this outfit standout, making look elegant and sophisticated. I really do love this outfit as it's just so dramatic with the train detail. 

There you have it, my top 5 red carpet dresses. I really enjoyed writing this post as I love looking at what everyone wore and so it was lovely sharing with you my views on them. Maybe I will do the same when the Oscars airs next week. I hope you enjoyed this post too! 

What was your favourite outfit of the night? Do any of these outfits stand out to you? 

Aloha, Tabitha x

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  1. Margot Robbie!!!
    And that dress Natalie Dyer is wearing is so magical!!

    Steph x

    1. I think her dress is probably my favourite (Natalie Dyer)! x

  2. I absolutely love this is a post idea, it really grates on me when celebrity magazines trash people's red carpet looks, so this little bit of positivity is way way superior! Margot Robbie is an absolute angel in my opinion, she is simply stunning and this outfit is no exception!

    Abbey xx