The Greatest Showman | A Movie Review

14 January 2018

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Aloha Dolls,

On Boxing Day Matt and I decided to take a trip to the cinema. I don't know what it is about the cinema around Christmas but I just love going. Last year I went to see Moana three times in the cinema, THREE times and this past Christmas I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Greatest Showman. In today's post I'm going to be giving my review on The Greatest Showman.

*Before I share my review, I just want to clarify that this is my own opinion and I don't class myself as a movie expert, I'm just writing these posts as I love movies and I love discussing them too!*
Photo Source: 20th Century Fox 
I really enjoyed this film, I knew I would before I even saw the film due to it being a musical. I'm just a musical junkie, so if it's a musical I'm watching it's very rare for me to not enjoy the film. The way I'm going to structure this review is through sections, that way the review is easier to follow! So lets get on to all of my thoughts!

The story is based off of a real individual known as P.T. Barnum. If you don't know who P.T. Barnum is the founder of Barnum & Bailey Circus and was known for his enthusiasm towards celebrating hoaxes and sensational people. This film follows the making of P.T. Barnum and how he started off as a poor individual and ends up as 'The Greatest Showman'. What I loved about the story was how true it was. Events happen within this film that you can definitely imagine happening to any individual where all of a sudden they make something of themselves and through themselves maybe too far into the role due to subtle greediness.
Overall, the story line is quite a simple story line and is a little predictable in places however when you consider everything else such as the characters, music, choreography and atmosphere the story line really does make the whole film a little more magical.

There are so many wonderful characters that you meet throughout the film. All of which bring such depth into the story line. P.T. Barnum, the star of the show, is played by Hugh Jackman and oh my he is great. I'm a BIG fan of Hugh Jackman anyway and he really did make Barnum come alive. He brings so much emotion into Barnum that you really do connect with him as a character.
Another character I LOVE is the character Zac Effron play, Phillip Carlyle. I love how complexed of a character he is, risking everything he knows for something he knows little about other than it is a risk! I also adore his relationship with the character Anne Wheeler, played by Zendaya, and the challenges they face together. Zendaya also does an amazing job at playing Anne, the character is a perfect character for her to play with all her theatrical/dance backgrounds she has. It's also amazing to know that she went and learnt all the skills she needed to perform all the acrobatic scenes herself. I love hearing that actors are learning new skills so that they don't need a stunt double.
There are so many more great characters such as Charity Barnum, the Barnum twins, Jenny Lind and Lettie Lutz. They all bring so much to the table making the story and film so enjoyable and emotional.

The scenery used throught the film is absolutely gorgeous, one of my favourite scenes which really shows how beautiful the scenery is, is right at the start during the song 'A Million Dreams' when Barnum and Charity are dancing on the roof. It really is such a wonderful scene. There are so many more brilliant scenery moments throughout the film which just makes the film even more wonderful.

I really enjoyed the overall story line and the musical numbers throughout the film were phenomenal too. It just makes me want to see this show on stage as you can really tell that this show was for the stage! My favourite musical number has to be 'Rewrite The Stars' and 'This Is Me'. They are both such powerful songs and I just LOVE belting them out in my car on a long journey. Even though these two are my favourites I adore all the other songs just as much as they really bring the whole film and story together. I'm also loving how much love the soundtracks are getting as they really are brilliant. I would absolutely love to see these songs performed live, here's hoping this musical returns to the stage! 
Photo Source: 20th Century Fox 
I really did hope you liked this post, I definitely want to write more movie reviews in the future. I understand they are not the most informative reviews but sometimes all I want to know is whether the individual enjoyed the movie or not (not all the technical stuff). I can't wait to review more films in the future!

Have you seen 'The Greatest Showman'?

Aloha, Tabitha x

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  1. I haven't seen it but heard nothing but amazing things about it so need to see it as soon as possible. I'm a massive musical lover so I can't wait.

    Steph x

    1. I 100% recommend it! Would love to hear your thoughts on it once you've seen it Steph! x

  2. I absolutely loved this film! I was a bit unsure at first because of everyone saying how much they loved it as I watched la la land because everyone was obsessed and I felt a little let down but this film was just incredible. I loved the soundtrack so much and I just lived the energy of the film. I also loved all the singing and dancing.


    1. I still haven't seen La La Land, I know it's a film I should get round to watching I just haven't been pulled into watch it!
      I'm glad you wasn't let down by The Greatest Showman as it really is such a good musical!
      Thanks for commenting Abbie :) x

  3. Great review Tabitha! I haven't seen this film yet, but I really want to. From what you've said, I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I love your little scenery section, I think set design and scenery are very important parts of films, even if they aren't talked about.

    Eve |

    1. I'm so glad you liked the scenery section to the review, I also think the set used can be so important to a film!
      I 100% recommend this film if you're a lover of musicals like me.
      Thanks for the comment Eve x

  4. I saw this at the cinema at the weekend and it was AMAZING! The songs and the story were so uplifting and positive! I haven’t seen a film that good in a while. Great review, totally agree with everything you said <3

    Bexa |

    1. Yay, it's such a wonderful film isn't it!?
      I'm so happy you enjoyed my review!
      Thanks for the comment Bexa x

  5. Great review. We also went to see The Last Jedi last Christmas! I haven’t seen this one yet; I want to, mostly to see what the fuss is about but I’m not sure it’s my sort of thing. I’m sure we’ll get around to it eventually though!


    1. Thanks!
      I went to see the Last Jedi too! What were your thoughts? I was going to start with that movie as my first review but then I decided against it due to the MASSIVE following it had!
      Thanks for the comment Jenny! x

  6. Oh my god I have been trying to go see and this film for weeks, but mine and my friends schedule never matches up, then when it did it was an audio descriptive version so we didn't go as we didn't know that just meant blind people could get headphones. So now, its been about three weeks since we tried to go and see it and still we have no date booked- but I feel like because me and her have been on this ride together I can't go and see it with someone else. Your review has made me so excited to go and see it, loved this post! (although Im a bit annoyed at how excited it has made me to go and see it because lord knows when I'll actually go)x

  7. I've heard that this is really good. My friend and I are going to see it, and I can't wait!

  8. Ooooh I've heard so many great things about this film. I always love going to the cinema but I really don't go as much as I ought to! I hadn't realised who the film was based on, I'm even more intrigued now! I love talking about movies, too, I felt like I was having a cup of tea and chatting with you about it!
    Kate x

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  10. I've seen this twice in the cinema now and each time I love it even more. The soundtrack is amazing and the characters are so empowering! Loved this review, everything is so true xx

    Hana xx