Hello 2018, Hello New Me

7 January 2018

Aloha Dolls,

I honestly can't believe another year has been and gone. I feel like we all say this but 2017 really dud fly by in just a blink of an eye. So much happened in 2017 such as me finishing my first year at university and passing my driving test... FINALLY. I'm so incredibly proud of myself as I definitely have hit some great milestones in my life within the past year and I have improved immensely in many other things like blogging.

In today's post however I'm going to be sharing with you my New Years Resolutions/Goals. I love how motivated I feel at the start of a new year and so I'm going to take this opportunity of motivation to write down all the things I hope to achieve over 2018.
1. Scrapbook
For Christmas I asked for scrapbooks and decorations to use in them. My mum bought me two gorgeous scrapbooks and I can't wait to start creating memories within them. My goal is to scrapbook my year in the hopes that by the end of the year I'll have a few books filled with so many wonderful memories.

2. Read 25 Books
I want this year to be year I read loads of books. In the past I used to read so much but since going to university I just haven't been able to read like I used to and I want to change that. 25 books seems plausible, averaging at 2 books a month so lets hope I get reach this goal this year!

3. Get FIT!
Every year I say this and every year I fail. I really need to get myself into a doable routine. I also want to start running and join in with weekly park runs. This is something I really want to achieve this year, I just hope I have the motivation to stick to it.

4. Drink More Water
This is something I struggle with, some days I will drink loads of water and other days I will only drink a glass - shocking I know. So this year my goal is to improve on this and I've downloaded an app on my phone to help me stay motivated.

5. Keep To My Blog Schedule
Even though the last two weeks of December wasn't the best when it came to my blog content I felt that by the end of the year my blog post scheduling was on point. I have never lasted more than 2 week when it came to uploading consistently so I was pretty proud of myself when I managed to upload frequently for just over a month. I want to continue this and keep up with my scheduling! Here's to a successful blogging year!

6. Vlog
Matt and I have something pretty special planned this year and I can't wait to reveal to you all what it is. It may not seem special to you but we honestly can't wait and we both want to vlog the experience to create an even more special memory we can relive. I have always wanted to vlog so hopefully 2018 will be the year I start.

7. Use 1 Second a Day EVERYDAY
I love watching these videos. If you haven't seen any 1 second a day videos please watch one, they look so incredibly fun to make and this year I want to create one.

8. Start Reviewing Movies
I love watching films and discussing my thoughts on them with Matt so I have decided that this is something I would like to share on my blog. I may not be the most educated in film making but I can tell if a film is enjoyable or not (in my opinion of course). Hopefully you will see some film reviews soon on my blog.

Last year I failed at saving horrendously. I just couldn't keep my pennies in my piggy bank. This year I want to change that and save, save, SAVE. I have many exciting plans coming my way and the only way those plans can go ahead is if I save! 

10. Look After My Nails
I'm so bad when it comes to my nails. One minute they're looking great and then the next minute they look like awful nubs on my fingers. This year I just want to achieve nice nails, where they are at a nice length and the skin around them don't look beat up!

There you have my 10 new years resolutions and I really want to try my goddam hardest to achieve them. It would make me feel incredibly proud if I manage to do so anyway. I'm still in shock that 2017 is already over and I'm back at university however I'm so excited for this year to kick start as there's so much to look forward to!

Have you got any new year resolutions this year?

Aloha, Tabitha x

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  1. I have the same scrapbook! If I sit down with it, I will spend hours on it but it just keeps getting put to the back of my to do list.

    I have the same problem with water. I either drink too much and am constantly going to the toilet (tmi sorry) or I don't drink at all.

    I've already failed at my blogging schedule for 2018 so good luck!!

    Some great goals, good luck with them and all the best for 2018!

    Steph x

    1. Really!? What a coincidence, I can't wait to start scrap booking! I also 100% agree, I'll other drink loads of water or none at all! So far my schedule is going well.. but we'll see how long that will last!
      Thank you for such a lovely comment Steph! x

  2. It's so great to hear that you are going to start scrapbooking this year, it really is such a wonderful way of preserving memories and I'm sure that you will really enjoy the creative process! Your reading challenge sounds fantastic as well, I think I need to set myself a reading target for 2018 but I have no idea how many books to go for! I know that I will certainly be reading at least 12 because of the book nook though hehe! I would certainly love to see film reviews on your blog, they're so handy to read when you're trying to decide whether it is worth shelling out to see a movie in the cinema or not! Wishing you all the best of the New Year!

    Abbey xoxox