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21 January 2018

Nail Varnish Of The Day #3

Aloha Dolls!

I love painting my nails, it's my favourite part of the week when I sit down and paint my nails. As you may have read, I got so many great Essie nail varnishes for Christmas and I'm slowly trying them all out! I year a go I used to share individual nail varnish looks and as I'm constantly painting my nails and trying out different designs I thought it would be nice to bring back the series! I'm calling is 'Nail Varnish of The Day' and I really hope you enjoy reading these posts.

Essie nail varnishes are becoming a new favourite nail varnish brand of mine. Normally I wouldn't buy them as they are rather pricey however since been gifted so many I'm falling in love with the shades and the formula. I'll probably opt to buying them more now as I now know they are great quality. The first shade I'm sharing with you out of my Essie collection is 'Bobbing For Baubles' and I just LOVE this shade.
As much as I love light shades, I find that the darker shades suit me more (especially when I'm so incredibly pale at the moment - on a fake tan break...). This shade is a very cloudy navy colour and it really is such a pretty deep shade. What I also love about this shade is that it's not too blue as sometimes navy can clash with black however because this isn't too blue it goes with pretty much any outfit you wear! The formula of this nail varnish is so pigmented that you only really need one coat, although I always opt for two coats to make sure the colour covers my entire nail.

With a good top and bottom coat this nail varnish lasts for about 5 days. I'm really bad for chipping mu nails and it doesn't matter if i use a good top and bottom coat or not, I always seem to do something to cause my nails to chip! Currently however, I'm just focusing on trying to grow my nails and so far I'm doing well! So, if a nail varnish lasts up to 5 days or longer, I'm happy!
I know this post wasn't madly in depth, however I plan to share nail varnish patterns and designs as I have just ordered some nail art tools (as well as some gems!).

Have you got this nail varnish? Do you like it?
Do you like Essie nail varnishes? What Essie nail varnishes are your favourite?

Aloha, Tabitha x

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  1. Oooh this black is gorgeous, Tabitha! Your nails look like they are growing super well, and I also have the problem where I seem to just chip my nails whatever! I think I'll definitely add this to my collection :-)
    Kate x

  2. That is such a lovely colour! I really need to try this brand because I've heard so many great things about it!