Mini Book Haul

26 November 2017

The other day I took a cheeky trip into Waterstones. Now, if you don't know me, you wouldn't know how dangerous it is for me to go into Waterstones. I almost always can't go into Waterstones without picking up at least one book - like I said, it's DANGEROUS for my bank balance!

I thought it would be nice to share with you the two books I picked up this time round and both of the books I'm really excited to pick up and read! They're actually two books that are a little out of my comfort books however I'm still buzzing to read them soon! Not only have I shared with you what books I picked up but I have also shared the synopsis and vital links you need if you're thinking of picking these books up too!

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo (waterstones : goodreads)
After watching the movie trailer for this book I just knew I wanted to know more about this story. Like I said earlier, this isn't normally a book I would go for as it's a crime/thriller adult book whereas I normally would reach for a YA book. However, this book sounds so intriguing and the movie trailer definitely sold it to me. I'm a sucker for crime/thriller TV series so I thought it would be time to read a adult crime/thriller book. I'm really excited to try this book out and I also can't wait to watch the film afterwards!

{ synopsis : SOON THE FIRST SNOW WILL COME. A young boy wakes to find his mother missing. Their house is empty but outside in the garden he sees his mother's favourite scarf - wrapped around the neck of a snowman.
AND THEN HE WILL APPEAR AGAIN. As Detective Harry Hole and his team begin their investigation they discover that an alarming number of wives and mothers have gone missing over the years.
AND WHEN THE SNOW IS GONE... When a second woman disappears it seems that Harry worst suspicious are confirmed: for the first time in his career he finds himself confronted with a serial killer operating on his home turf.

The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund (waterstones : goodreads)
I wasn't planning on picking up this book but when I went to purchase The Snowman the employee working at the check out, asked me if I wanted to get another book to fulfil the Buy One, Get One Half Price deal. At first I said no but the he recommend me this book, seeing as I had picked up a crime/thriller book and told me that it's been getting amazing reviews and it waterstones November Thriller Book of The Month . So I thought, why not!? After reading the synopsis, I definitely can't wait to read this book. It sounds like such a good crime/thriller book to read this winter, I will let you know what I think once I've read it!

{ synopsis : It starts with just one body - the hands bound, the skin covered in marks.
Detective Superintendent Jeanette Kihlberg is determined to find out who is responsible, despite opposition from her superiors. When two more bodies are discovered, it becomes clear that she is hunting a serial killer.
With her career on the line, Kihlberg turns to psychotherapist Sofia Zetterlund. Together, they expose a chain of shocking events that began decades ago - but will it lead them to the murderer before someone else dies? }

I really can't wait to read these books and I think I will read The Snowman after I have finished the book I'm currently reading. Like I said, these are not books I would normally pick up but I can't wait to try them out and try a new genre out. Keep an eye out on what I think on my blog or goodreads profile!

Have you seen the The Snowman trailer? Have you seen the film? 
Have you heard of any of these books? Have you read them? 
What are you currently reading at the moment? 

Ta ta for now, 
Tabitha xx 


  1. Both of these books sounds really good! I hope you enjoy them!

    1. I can't wait to read them, especially The Snowman! x

  2. I love Waterstones. I never left there empty handed1 These both look like really good books :D