I thought it would be a nice idea to alternate my monthly wishlists and favourites as I find that I can never keep up with posting a wishlist and favourite every month. I also feel like my content then gets jammed up with these type of posts and drown out my other posts (if that makes sense), so from today, I'm going to alternate posts monthly. This month will be a favourites post and then next month I'll post a wishlist! To me this seems like a fun idea and hopefully it will work with my blog schedule too!

My current favourites at the moment is a real mix of things however, they are all things I have been obsessing over or appreciating a lot at the moment.

1. Stranger Things 2 & Stranger Things clothing 
I adored this TV show far too much when the first season was released and I haven't felt any different (other than maybe more obsessed) with the second season. I LOVE this show. It's right up my alley with the spooky/creepy element to it as well as the scify vibe too. This show also gives me very nostalgic feels, throwing it back to when I used to watch the gremlins constantly. I love this show so much that I couldn't resist buying a jumper and t-shirt from the Topshop Stranger Things range. I practically live in my oversized jumper. If you haven't watched this TV show and you love the 80s then please check this out over on Netflix!

2. Going to the gym 
I joined the gym when I arrived back at university in late September and I'm finally going regularly. I try to go at least 3-5 times a week, for at least an hour or two. I'm also taking advantage of the classes they provide at my gym, I especially love the Burn & Firm class as it's a class that allows me to focus on toning my entire body. I'm really enjoying my time at the gym and trying new classes out as I finally feel like I'm on track to getting my perfect body.

3. Mint hot chocolate 
Now that the Christmas season has begun this beauty of a hot chocolate is back in stock in many different coffee shops. I just love this hot chocolate, I just love mint chocolate in general so a hot chocolate flavoured mint is right up my street. I have to be careful though, otherwise I end up drinking far too much which will definitely not aid me in getting that perfect bod I keep dreaming about but it's the perfect snack when I'm in the library studying!

4. Blogger Book Nook & reading in general 
If you didn't know already, myself and Abbey over on Abbey Louisa Rose decided to start up a book club, specifically to encourage others to read more and read out of their comfort zone. So far it's been going brilliantly and it makes me so proud seeing the reception it has got. This book club has got me back into reading and I finally feel like I'm out of my horrid reading slump. Reading has also become more enjoyable and I now read at least 50-100 pages at night to help me fall asleep!

5. The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs 
I love The Sims 4 and so when I heard they were releasing a new expansion pack that would be all about Cats and Dogs I was over the moon! I purchased this a few weeks back and I'm so happy with the quality of the content! I really wish I could record my games and share them with you like many youtubers do but I'm far too nervous and I just don't have the time! Maybe one day I could branch to that end of youtube!

6. Blue Planet 2 
Finally, my last current favourite is Blue Planet 2. This is by far my favourite show on at the moment and I guess I love it so much as it's all about my interest of study. One day I would love to go into becoming a Marine Biologist/Conservationist so this programme is just perfect for me. I also adore David Attenborough (I mean who doesn't?!) and he really does make the TV show come alive.

There you have my current favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you like my idea of alternating my posts monthly, I feel like it will help my blog schedule out a bit anyway! I'm now going to spend my afternoon binge watching Stranger Things as I just can't help but re-watch it!

What are you current favourites? 
Are your favourites similar to mine? 

Ta ta for now, 
Tabitha x

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The other day I took a cheeky trip into Waterstones. Now, if you don't know me, you wouldn't know how dangerous it is for me to go into Waterstones. I almost always can't go into Waterstones without picking up at least one book - like I said, it's DANGEROUS for my bank balance!

I thought it would be nice to share with you the two books I picked up this time round and both of the books I'm really excited to pick up and read! They're actually two books that are a little out of my comfort books however I'm still buzzing to read them soon! Not only have I shared with you what books I picked up but I have also shared the synopsis and vital links you need if you're thinking of picking these books up too!

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo (waterstones : goodreads)
After watching the movie trailer for this book I just knew I wanted to know more about this story. Like I said earlier, this isn't normally a book I would go for as it's a crime/thriller adult book whereas I normally would reach for a YA book. However, this book sounds so intriguing and the movie trailer definitely sold it to me. I'm a sucker for crime/thriller TV series so I thought it would be time to read a adult crime/thriller book. I'm really excited to try this book out and I also can't wait to watch the film afterwards!

{ synopsis : SOON THE FIRST SNOW WILL COME. A young boy wakes to find his mother missing. Their house is empty but outside in the garden he sees his mother's favourite scarf - wrapped around the neck of a snowman.
AND THEN HE WILL APPEAR AGAIN. As Detective Harry Hole and his team begin their investigation they discover that an alarming number of wives and mothers have gone missing over the years.
AND WHEN THE SNOW IS GONE... When a second woman disappears it seems that Harry worst suspicious are confirmed: for the first time in his career he finds himself confronted with a serial killer operating on his home turf.

The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund (waterstones : goodreads)
I wasn't planning on picking up this book but when I went to purchase The Snowman the employee working at the check out, asked me if I wanted to get another book to fulfil the Buy One, Get One Half Price deal. At first I said no but the he recommend me this book, seeing as I had picked up a crime/thriller book and told me that it's been getting amazing reviews and it waterstones November Thriller Book of The Month . So I thought, why not!? After reading the synopsis, I definitely can't wait to read this book. It sounds like such a good crime/thriller book to read this winter, I will let you know what I think once I've read it!

{ synopsis : It starts with just one body - the hands bound, the skin covered in marks.
Detective Superintendent Jeanette Kihlberg is determined to find out who is responsible, despite opposition from her superiors. When two more bodies are discovered, it becomes clear that she is hunting a serial killer.
With her career on the line, Kihlberg turns to psychotherapist Sofia Zetterlund. Together, they expose a chain of shocking events that began decades ago - but will it lead them to the murderer before someone else dies? }

I really can't wait to read these books and I think I will read The Snowman after I have finished the book I'm currently reading. Like I said, these are not books I would normally pick up but I can't wait to try them out and try a new genre out. Keep an eye out on what I think on my blog or goodreads profile!

Have you seen the The Snowman trailer? Have you seen the film? 
Have you heard of any of these books? Have you read them? 
What are you currently reading at the moment? 

Ta ta for now, 
Tabitha xx 

I'm sure Abbey would agree with me when I say that we can't believe how well Blogger Book Nook has been taken. The Facebook group is overflowing with new members and is so interactive and friendly. I feel very proud to say I was apart of forming this book club and again, I'm sure Abbey would say the same.

As you can tell from the title of this post, our theme for this month is Young Adult and I'm so excited for this months theme, as Young Adult is my go-to genre. I'm a BIG fan when it comes to YA books and YA authors as I find them so enjoyable and easy to read. They're the books that got me back into reading! We have some great questions lined up for this months post and I hope you enjoy my answers, I would love to know your thoughts too, so please don't hesitate to share your opinions down below in the comments...

1. Young adult books sometimes have the reputation of being a bit cliche - What do you think about this? Does it spoil your enjoyment of a book if you can predict the ending? 
I must admit that I can see why some people may think this, however when I pick up a YA book I rarely can predict the ending, most of the time the ending surprises me with an ending I never saw coming! However, if I am unfortunate to pick up a YA book that does have a predictable ending I wouldn't say it ruins the enjoyment of the book but the ending just becomes a little flat due to having a sure idea of how it was going to end, which is a shame.

2. Lots of YA books such as The Fault in Our Stars, 13 Reasons Why, and Everything Everything have been made into movies/TV shows lately - have you seen them? What did you think? 
I have seen 'The Fault in Our Stars' as well as read it and I'm really not a fan of either (which I know is a very unpopular opinion), I just really don't enjoy the story! Nor did I enjoy 'Everything, Everything'. I have no interest in seeing the film as again I just didn't enjoy the book much at all! (Again, another unpopular opinion). However, I did enjoy '13 Reasons Why'! I loved the Netflix series, I binged it in about 3-4 days!

3. Where does YA rank in your order of favourite book genres? Is it a genre you'd usually read for? 
As stated before, I am a BIG fan of YA. So, I would definitely rank YA as my top favourite genre, as there's so many sub-genres within the genre too! I'm especially a big fan of fantasy YA books.

4. Who is your all-time favourite character from a YA novel? Why did you love them so much? 
Oh man, this is such a hard question to answer for me as I love so many characters from so many YA books. I adore Cress from The Lunar Chronicles, she's so sweet and brave; she's just a great character to read about! I also love many other characters as well though, I could write a complete post on the characters I love in YA.

5. Pick a favourite YA series: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, or The Mortal Instruments? 
Damn, why did Abbey choose four FAB YA series!? I love all of these for so many different reasons. I love The Hunger Games as this is the book series that got me hooked on reading again. I love Harry Potter because well, it's Harry Potter!? I love The Lunar Chronicles as it's so unique and different, I adore the characters and it's such a fun series to read. I love The Mortal Instruments because it's so dark and mysterious yet also magical. I also feel so attached to the characters and I'm only up to book 4 in the series.

My YA Current Read: 
The Young Elites by Marie Lu

This month I decided to pick up a new series for this theme as it's a series I have been eyeing up for a while and heard many great reviews about it. The book I've picked up and half way through reading is The Young Elites by Marie Lu. It's set in a mythical world where a deadly illness hits, killing off thousands or leaving individuals with unworthy marks in them (such as scars) causing them to be frowned upon. However, there're a few individuals that not only are left with scars/disfigures but also powerful gifts.

So far, I'm really enjoying this read, it started off with a bang and hasn't stopped producing great content. All the characters are also awesome and I can;t wait to see them evolve and see where the story takes them! I definitely have high hopes for this book and I can't wait to share my final thoughts on the book with you on my Reading Round Up post, coming soon!!

YA Books I Have Read and Recommend: 
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (book 1 : book 2 : book 3 : book 4)
The LUX Series (book 1 : book 2 : book 3 : book 4 : book 5)
Heartless by Marissa Meyer (book 1)
A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas (book 1 : book 2 : book 3)
Starstruck Series by Brenda Hiatt (book 1 : book 2 : book 3 : book 4)

That's a wrap on another Blogger Book Nook post! I really enjoyed writing this months post, purely because it was all on about my favourite book genre! I also thought it was a nice idea to share with you some of my favourite YA books and recommend them to you, I definitely think this is something I'll in future Blogger Book Nook posts (if I have recommendations that is!).

Don't forget you're more than welcome to join in and answer these questions yourself. Abbey and I love reading your posts and seeing you all get involved!

Also, don't forget to join our Facebook group if you haven't done already! If you 're also a big book lover and are a fan of Goodreads, then please follow my profile on there! I try and update my profile as much as I can!

Have you read any YA books this month? 
Do you love YA as much as I do? If so, what are your favourite YA books? 
Have you joined our Facebook group? 

Ta ta for now, 
Tabitha xx 

Today I have written a post I wouldn't normally post, it's a little out of my blogging comfort zone however I'm really looking forward to sharing this post with you. As you can tell by the title and the pictures on this post, I'm going to be sharing what's in my makeup bag with you today! I thought it would be a nice idea to go through the products I use daily at the moment and give a brief reason to why I'm loving them so much at the moment. I hope you enjoy this brief post looking into my makeup bag!

Firstly let's look at my main base makeup products! 

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer
I bought this when I bought my NAKED foundation purely because the girl serving me told me that it was fab. I was also looking for a new primer as my make never seems to last the day, however since using this, I know I'm never going to look back and will always be using this primer!

Urban Decay NAKED Skin Foundation Shade, 3.5 
I was on the hunt for a good foundation that matches my skin colour and I heard great reviews on the NAKED foundation that Urban Decay sell and wow I was not disappointed. It matches my skin tone so well and I'm so happy I have found my perfect foundation at last! I would 100% recommend.

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer Shade, Cool Medium 2
I'm sure most of you have heard the hype over this concealer and I must admit it is such a great concealer! It matches my skin tone and covers my blemishes up most of the day making it my go to concealer.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer Shade, Ivory 
I use this concealer purely for under my eyes to brighten them up and cover those awful dark circles I gain after many late nights!

Bourjois Paris Unifying Powder Shade, Vanilla 
This is a perfect powder. I use it after I have applied my foundation and concealers to lock them in and it definitely makes the overall coverage of my makeup last longer. It also smells super yummy which is definitely a plus!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer 
I bought this a while ago in a Benefit Hoola set and completely forgot about it until I found it in my makeup collection a few weeks ago. I love this bronzer as it's really pigmented and it matches my tan perfectly when I fake tan!

Rimmel London Pink Rose Blush 
I bought this AGES ago and I honestly don't know how it hasn't run out yet as I LOVE it and use it daily! It's such a pretty warm colour and I just love it so much! I would 100% recommend if you are not a massive fan on bright pink blushes as this one is so subtle and warm!

Tanya Burr Illuminating Powder, Warm Bronze 
This is the first Tanya Burr product I have bought and I am very impressed! I only use this when I'm going out as I feel like shimmer can look a little much when I'm just popping to a lecture! However this is definitely my favourite shimmer at the moment as it's so pigmented and this shade blends really well with my bronzer! 

Now on to the rest of the products I use! 

Collection Eye Brow Kit 
I picked this up in a 3 for 2 deal in Super Drug. I only use the lightest shade as the other colours are far too dark for me. The light shade however, matches my brows perfectly and I definitely prefer filling my eyebrows in with shadow than any other brow product.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion 
I use this when I plan to wear eye shadow and oh man, I love this. It makes my eye shadow stay on and not smudge at all! It's definitely a must have on a night out!

Urban Decay NAKED Heat Palette 
I bought this for myself as a treat to passing my driving text back in September and it's my favourite palette at the moment. The shades are perfect for this time of year and when I have a tan, the bronze colours compliment it so well!

Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara 
This is by far my favourite mascara, it's not clumpy, makes my eye lashes curl well and it's just an all round fab mascara!

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid Shade, Windsor Rose 032
This is the shade I grab for most at the moment, as I feel like it's such a pretty subtle shade for when I'm attending lectures at uni! I also love that it's matte and it lasts for quite a while too which means I don't need to constantly reapply!

This post has ended up being quite a wordy one but I do hope you like it. These are all the products I use daily and I LOVE them. I'm so happy with my makeup look at the moment and so happy with how long it lasts for throughout the day. All I want to get now is a setting spray and I'm eyeing up the Urban Decay one.. So maybe when I next upload this post, it may be featured!

Do you use any of these products? 
Have you thought about purchasing/using these products? 
Do you want more makeup posts by me? 

Ta ta for now, 
Tabitha x 

One of my favourite things about university is the amazing sport and society community and the many clubs within them. Last year during my first year of university I joined the Mountaineering group and I'm so glad I did as it's provided so many amazing trip opportunities (such as going to Snowdon) that I wouldn't do on my own accord. Last week we took a trip to Helsby Hill and my goodness it's such a pretty place. I took so many beautiful pictures that I couldn't not share them with you all on my blog.

We set off from the University of Chester at around 3:00pm and arrived at Helsby by 3:30pm. After we all met up and organised ourselves (as some others travelled via train) we set off and started to walk up Helsby Hill. At first it's quite steep but after a while it levels to a comfortable incline making the walk a really lovely peaceful walk. We decided to walk the long way round as we walked up it a lot quicker than expected. I'm glad we made this decision as it allowed us to witness more beautiful views within Helsby.

When we made it to the top of Helsby Hill, we were welcomed with a fantastic view of the whole of Helsby and the surrounding areas of Helsby. We planned our walk so that we would witness the sunset and it was gorgeous. I have never properly planned something around a sunset so it was lovely taking the time to stop and admire the sunset in all its glory. Moments like this remind me of how lucky I am to live in such a gorgeous country, we really are spoilt with nature and views that I don't believe we admire enough.

Here are a few more pictures from our trip to Helsby Hill that I just love... 

I really enjoyed this walk and I would 100% recommend it if you live in the Cheshire area or visiting the Cheshire area soon as it's just such a lovely, peaceful walk to do. I'm now determined to take part in more of these walks as I love them so much. I also want to go on more walks near by to me, whether  that's on my own, with Matt, with a friend or just with my mum and sister. There are so many places I want to explore.

Have you visited Helsby Hill before? 
What places would you recommend being a great place for walks? 

Ta ta for now, 
Tabitha x