Apologies are Needed

18 October 2017

It's been a while since I sat down in front of my laptop and wrote out a post. I feel so incredibly guilty and bad, it's not good. Unfortunately I just let everything else in my life get in the way, causing me to have a major hiatus on my blog as well as on my twitter. So, I really do apologise for this. I finally seem to have myself back on track with almost everything and so hopefully I'll be posting a little more regularly from now on.

I honestly hate how often this happens and I wish I could just hold my post upload schedule more than 6-8 weeks. I'm just shocking. I hope to post at least one post a week, or two if I'm feeling productive as well as inspired. So expect a post every Wednesday and Thursday (if I'm uploading a second post that week). These two days work best for me as I have no lectures on Wednesdays and Thursdays allowing me to make time to compose a post!

I hope you don't mind this post being quite short but I just don't wait to ramble and bore you all to death. All I can say is, is that I hope you all still choose to stick around and read my posts and enjoy the content I plan to upload. Oh, and sorry!! Just bare with me if I'm not 100% when it comes to uploading!

In the mean time, how is everyone? 
How is everyone's October going? 

Ta ta for now, 
Tabitha x 


  1. No need to apologise m'lovely! Life just takes over sometimes, it happens to us all! Especially with uni, starting a new year is always full on! I can't wait to see what content you have in store for us, I'm sure it'll be fab!

    Abbey 🍂 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Very true and wise words as always Abbey! Uni has just been such a roller coaster, I really struggle to find time to sit down and just relax! I'm excited too! I have two new posts scheduled for this coming week! x

  2. I feel like no one reeeeaaally sticks to a blog schedule- I can't imagine how they would! I'm excited to see your future posts Tabitha :)x