Monthly Roundup #1 - August

8 September 2017

Seeing as I haven't been 100% active this past month I thought I would produce a monthly roundup where I can fill you in on what's been going on in my life and where I have been! This passed month has definitely felt like the longest month of the year so far, I couldn't tell you why but it just does! I honestly can't believe that my summer holidays is almost over, it feels like I left university AGES ago and I'm definitely raring to go back at the end of this month! I really do miss it and everyone there too!

At the start of the month I was away taking part in Poacher International Jamboree 2017 and it was such a great week. It was just lovely chilling with some amazing friends for a whole week and not having to worry about anything! I did write a little post on the Jamboree, so if you want to see some more pictures from my week away, then check that post out here.

This month I also started my summer job and I absolutely love it. I'm so happy with my job and I'm actually quite sad thinking that I'll be leaving my work buddies for university at the end of this month. Luckily however, I'll be going back when I'm home for Christmas! I never thought I would make some amazing friends from work, especially considering I have only been apart of the team for just over a month!

Another event I went to during the month of August was Creamfields Festival! If you don't know what Creamfields is, it's a house/DJ festival spanned over 4 days. This festival was the first festival I have ever been too but oh wow, it was AMAZING. I loved every second of it and I know for a fact, Lucy and I want to go again next year. It was just so much fun to dress up and put lots and lots of glitter on, get tipsy and dance the night away. I'm going to be uploading a post full of pictures that I took over the weekend at Creamfields that I want to share with you! That post will be up super soon, so keep an eye out for that! 

This month, I have also finally started feeling more confident in myself about myself and my body. Over the weekend of Creamfields it was HOT, so I ended up stripping down to just my sports bra and shorts and I felt amazing. Looking back at the photos, I just feel so great about myself. I just think I looked smokin' and it made me realise that I DO have a smokin' bod and I don't need to feel so self-conscious about it! It's really motivated me to work out and eat healthy too, so I'm hoping that during the month of September, I will succeed in this little motivation goal and feel even more amazing about my body!

I have just noticed how many selfies are in this post but honestly I'm not shameful, I love a cheeky selfie! Anyway, I think I'm going to leave this roundup here and I really hope you liked this little catch up so you know what I have been up to! I'm hoping to get a little more on top of things this month so that when I go to university I wont full in to a blog hiatus! Wish me luck! 

How was your August? Did you go to any festivals? Go anywhere fancy? I'd love to know in the comments below!

Tabitha xx