I've decided that I really want to start sharing my views on the books I have read. I really enjoy reading book reviews as it helps me decide whether I want to read a certain book and I also like hearing other peoples views too! So for today's post I'm going to share with you my thoughts on the book I have recently finished! - Please bare with me though as I haven't reviewed many books before so I do apologise if this review is a little 'rambly' at points!

Title - Heartless
Author - Marissa Meyer
Series/Trilogy/Stand Alone? - Stand Alone
Genre - Fantasy, Retelling, Romance, Young Adult
Goodreads Summary - Long before Alice fell down the rabbit hole... And before the roses were painted red... The Queen of Hearts was just a girl, in love for the first time.

Rating - 4.5 Stars

     My Review
I was already really excited to read this as Marissa Meyer is by far one of my favourite authors as I just adored her previous books, The Lunar Chronicles - if you haven't read TLC please do, it's so good! I loved every moment of it. Not only was I excited for this book in general I was also excited because I was intrigued by the story line. If you don't know, this book is basically a prequel to the world known classic that is Alice in Wonderland and it follows the story of how the Queen of Hearts became the classic the scary, mean character in the classic book.

     Everything I loved in Heartless
I loved that Marissa Meyer pulled some classic characters from the original story (Hatter, the March Hare, Cheshire Cat, The King of Hearts and Mr. Caterpillar) and incorporated them in this story. I loved the characters in this book and the character building within each of the main characters. Catherine, who is the main character of this story has brilliant character building, it's crazy see how this sweet girl who loves baking and just wants a normal life becomes the horrible Queen in the Alice in Wonderland story. Before you get angry at me, this isn't a spoiler (unless you don't know anything about Alice in Wonderland) as you already know the Queen of Hearts you just don't know why she became how she is! I also loved Hatter's character building as his character was so complex and so I enjoyed seeing his journey too.

Jest's and Cath's relationship was just perfect, I rooted for them so, so much, even though from the start you knew that their relationship was not accepted (due to the fact that Cath was the daughter of the Marchioness AND the she's expected to marry the king. Jest is also the court joker too). Jest is just one of those characters you just can't not fall in love with. I loved how mysterious he was and he was such a gentlemen when it came to Cath. I also felt incredible sorry for him as he was stuck in not the best situation yet he was so passionate towards Cath.

Another great aspect to this book is the world building. Everything Marissa Meyer described is just how I would imagine Wonderland (or in this case Hearts) would be like. Lot's of nonsense and beauty.

     Everything I didn't love in Heartless
To be honest there really wasn't anything in Heartless that I didn't love, well, I mean the ending wasn't fab but that was expected as you knew it was going to end badly. However, I did feel that the start of the book was a tad slow and so it took me a while to really get into the story - I don't think it helped that being at uni and having exam stress helped either though.

     Overall Feelings Towards Heartless
Overall, I did really enjoy this book. I'm definitely a massive fan of retellings, definitely one of my favourite genre of books. I think it could be down to my love of Disney so reading classic stories that are set in different time era's or are recreated by the author are just fab to me.

I also adored Marissa Meyer's writing style in this book and how she incorporated so much into this story that was in the original story. Everything made so much sense and I just loved that, you didn't question anything as it all just made perfect sense (well in my opinion it did!).

If you love romance and fairy tales with a little bit of action thrown in there you will love this book. If you're also a lover of Alice in Wonderland then you NEED to read this as you will feel so much empathy for the Queen of Hearts in the original story. I'm now really wanting to read the original so I'm definitely going to be putting that on my goodreads TBR.

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Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! If you've read this book I would love to hear your thoughts below! Also do you plan on picking this book up? Again, let me know down below!

Tab xx

I haven't sat an exam in about 5 years, my last exams were my GCSE's and it's safe to say that the results from them did not go as planned and led down of a road of panic and realisation. It was not a fun time to be my 16 year old self that summer I can tell you that and now when it comes to exams, I do not have the best confidence in myself - at all. So, when I found out that I would have to be taking 6 exams this year in my first year of university, I was not pleased or positive towards this fact.

I have been doing relatively well with my coursework through out the year, passing them at a 2:1 level, which I'm very proud of myself with but I know I can do better. I know I can do better because I did not try my hardest when it came to actually doing my coursework and if I had done better and got a higher marking on my coursework then I wouldn't have to fear exams as much as I do currently.

I think I pressure myself when it comes to coursework and exams because I want to do well for myself and show to others that I am worthy of being at  university, especially because I didn't perform so well in the past, causing me to lose my place at sixth form - seems silly now but back then that hurt my confidence. I try to act confident at university in front of me but deep down I doubt myself, which I know is something I need to stop doing but at times I struggle.

The reason to why I have written this post is that today (16th May) I received an assignment result and just scraped a 2:1, which I am happy about but again a tad disappointed - I would have been happier with a higher 2:1 if I'm going to be 100% honest as again I know I can do so much better when it comes to coursework but unfortunately I just didn't put the time and effort that I could have put it to it. This also means I need to get a better grade in my exam in order for my grade to not be pulled down further - the ultimate stress, a stress that is not needed by an individual that hasn't had the best record with exams in the past.

Now, many people would argue with and say 'you're a fresher, first year doesn't even count!'. My answer to that would be a. yes, I'm a fresher, so I do only need 40% to get in and b. yes, first year doesn't count BUT it counts to me. I feel like this year prepares you and it will now only get harder which scares me and intimidates me immensely. I do try to keep in mind however that it is only my first year so I really don't need to stress out so much as like I said it will only get harder. 

Please don't take this post the wrong way, I am happy with the results I'm getting but deep down I know I can do much better which is the frustration I have against myself. I'm hoping that the revision I'm doing now will be enough to hold up the grades I'm averaging out at the moment. I have also learnt that I do need to try a little harder next year, as then whatever grade I get back I know it's deserved as I would have put all my effort into it and nothing less.

Any advice on university stress over coursework and exams would be highly appreciated, so please comment down below, you'll be helping a gal out!

Tab x
On Tuesday 2nd May (about 2 weeks back) I went to my universities sports presentation evening. This is where all the sports teams get together for a fancy meal and celebrate everyone's participation in their sport and congratulate the teams that received further awards such as sport of the year. I went along with the volley ball team and it was such an enjoyable night with everyone who went.

Sports pres is a great opportunity to dress up and so I was very excited with this aspect of the night and I also thought it would be a great to share with you what I wore on the night too. However, I never got any fancy pictures of just me so we will just have to do with group photos that I'm in - I plan to get better photos in the future for these posts, I promise!

I'm standing on the right hand side in a dress I ordered from Pretty Little Thing. I have never ordered from Pretty Little Thing before but I was super happy with this purchase as it fitted just right and it was such a great price too! I will definitely be ordering again soon. I also love the look of this dress, the bright colours just put me in such a summery mood and I loved the cuffs at the end of the sleeves too. It was also a perfect length, not too short but not too long either (unfortunately I do not suit any skirt that's below my knee, absolute nightmare I tell you!).

The heels from Miss Selfridges I wore are heels I have had for quite a while now and so they won't be available anymore. I thought these heels really tied in the whole outfit as the pattern on the heels suited perfectly with the dress. I do love these wedges and I definitely need to wear them more often!

The evening was so lovely and it was also lovely seeing everyone all dressed up. The main meal was super yummy too, so that was another plus. It was also really fun to get a bit merry throughout the evening. I really did enjoy myself and I adore everyone. I'm so happy I joined the volley ball team as I have made some great memories and friends due to it.

Everything I was wearing:
Dress - Pretty Little Thing - buy it here (now reduced!)  
Heels - Miss Selfridge - discontinued
Lipstick - NYX - buy it here

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm definitely going to upload more ootd post in the future, hopefully a lot more during the summer holidays!
What was your favourite item? Does your university hold a similar type event like this one?

Tab x

Last Sunday I travelled to Snowdonia with the Universities mountaineering club to venture to the top of Mount Snowdon. We left Chester close to 8am and probably arrived at the carpark at the bottom of Snowdon at around 10am, so it didn't take us too long to get there. We were welcomed with beaming blue skies so we were very keen to start climbing Snowdon as the weather just put us in great positive moods.

I would be lying if I say climbing Snowdon was a breeze, as it was not. It was challenging and quite difficult in areas. We chose the pyg path, which was pretty much steps all the way to the top, so my thighs and calves were killing after only half an hour of walking, however the brief pain and struggle is totally worth it when you eventually reach the top. The stunning views on the way also keep you incredibly motivated to keep on going.

I couldn't get over how stunning the views were all the way to the top and we were so very lucky with the weather, it allowed us to see further than normal as there was little to no fog. We also didn't need to worry about rain as there wasn't a cloud in site, it was glorious.

When we eventually arrived to the top (roughly 3 hours after trekking) it was breath taking, I just couldn't get over how stunning the views were and I felt so relieved and proud of myself that I summited Mount Snowdon. I must say, eating lunch at 1085 metres high is definitely a great experience too.
We also watched the Snowdon train leave to take visitors back down to the bottom of the mountain - that is another plus side to Snowdon is that if you really just wanted to see the view without the sweat and exhaustion of climbing it, you can pay for a ride in the train, I also think is a unique idea.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of these cute seagulls, the view behind this is also gorgeous too.

I love the photo above as the view behind us is just beautiful and it's a great photo to look back at. If you ever find yourself close to Chester or close to Snowdonia, I 100% recommend putting on your hiking boots and climbing this beautiful mountain. Doing activities like this in the UK really shows me what a wonderful country we live in and environments we have are just superb too. I definitely want to do more trips like this in the near future as it really does open up your eyes.

Have you ever climbed Snowdon or have you climbed any other mountain in the UK? I would love to hear all about it!

Tab x