Journal Entry #2 - Home for Easter

11 April 2017

Hey Cats & Kittens =^.^= 

How was everyones week last week? Mine was pretty hectic with being in the library all week and trying to organise myself for traveling home at the weekend. Has anyone else gone home for the easter holidays if you're also away at university like myself? Or are you going away for the easter holidays? Lucky little devils you are! 
  Anyway on with the post :) 

Me and Matt this past weekend
 Like I said, I had such a busy week with being in the library and not really doing much other than the odd lecture so I honestly haven't got the most exciting week to tell you about. However this past Saturday I travelled home from Chester to Essex, which was a long journey but it was worth the long journey at the end. I bought my mum some flowers on the way home and she was very pleased to receive them when she picked me up from the station. I'm honestly so happy to be home for the next 3 weeks as it will just give me some time to relax and enjoy the company of my loved ones.

Matt came over in the evening of the Saturday and it was so lovely to see him and spend time with him and not feel rushed. It was also lovely sleeping in my own bed - other university students definitely know what I mean when you have to sleep in a rubbish student bed for ages.

On Sunday, Matt had to leave early as he needed to go to work but he was going to be coming back in the evening so we could spend the whole of Monday together. During the day on Sunday my mum took my brother, my sister and I to London and we visited spitalfields and brick lane market. Too markets I adore, so it was great walking around them on my first full day at home.

I just thought this photo looked cool! 
One of the vintage shops we went into and there were SO MANY shoes!  
The coolest raw chocolate shop down brick lane! 
One of my favourite things about spitalfields and brick lane is all the vintage shops and stools there are. Some are just great to walk round but when I do go in there, I always look for anything to do with Disney, as I just love anything vintage Disney. I did find a t-shirt in the store Rokit (a fab vintage store if you're also a fan of old vintage clothes) however it was quite faded so I left it this time round, but maybe next time I will pick up a t-shirt. I did however, pick up a denim jacket thats a little baggier than the one already own. I plan to buy some quite woven disney badges to sew on it as thats really in at the moment and if I can design one thats purely disney I just think it would look really cool! I plan on doing this to a pair of jeans and shorts too when I buy some new ones!

We also stumbled across this dark chocolate store down brick lane and we just couldn't resist trying some of their chocolate. Ginger and honey dark chocolate was definitely my favourite, it was just so yummy!

Some pictures of me and Ava on the way to London
Overall it was a wonderful first weekend at home and I'm already dreading my journey back to Chester. I hope to share with you more of my doings over the next 3 weeks and again I hope you like this format of my blog posts, I definitely enjoy writing everything down as if it was my journal.

I would love to know what you've been up to this past week, so please comment down below!