I think I've Fallen in Love With Lindt

13 October 2016

So far I am loving Chester and the surroundings, I really do love living here. Now I know that's quite a statement considering I've lived here for only just over 2 weeks however I'm happy that I've landed at a university in such a pretty area. Not only is Chester gorgeous but it has great shopping facilities (which I guess could be quite bad for myself considering I'm a student with little money, but oh well!). Yesterday my flatmate and I decided to take a trip to Cheshire Oaks (the outlet village I mentioned in my last post) as my flatmate hadn't been there yet and as we had a free day we thought we'd visit. 

There are honestly so many fab shops at Cheshire Oaks and the fact they're outlets make them even better. The majority of shops are designer or high branded shops but there are a few shops such as paperchase and The Body Shop; all selling their products for a cheaper price due to being an outlet. 

I definitely think that Cheshire Oaks is going to be the place to go before christmas to grab those great christmas present deals. I also want to go back before christmas as if I have been good with my money I would like to treat myself with a Barbour jacket as I am so in love with them, especially the wax jackets. 

A shop I was shocked to see was the Lindt shop, as soon as you stepped in there it just smelt devine. Not only did it smell amazing in there but it looked amazing, they had a Lindt pick 'n' mix! They had so many different flavours that I had no idea they even created. 

Like I said before, I definitely think Cheshire Oaks is the place to go before Christmas. The Lindt shop had so many great deals, such as 4 boxes of Lindt chocolate for only £14.50 - I'm definitely going back to buy some of those boxes for friends and family. They also had their cute little Christmas chocolates out which put me in such a christmassy mood, I honestly can't wait! 

After seeing the large pic 'n' mix variety, I couldn't just walk out with not trying a few, so I purchased a few to try when I got home. The flavours I got were white, hazelnut, coconut, caramel, citrus, orange, white & milk and cappuccino - so many great flavours right!? I've tried the citrus one and oh my, I need a box full of these ASAP! 

After walking round the Lindt shop and many others, we decided to sit down for a hot chocolate at the Thorntons Cafe. I can now say that Thorntons definitely provide the nicest hot chocolate. I had a white hot chocolate with cream on top and it was super yummy. I will definitely be revisiting Thorntons again for another hot chocolate that's for sure. 

We had such a great trip to Cheshire Oaks. It wasn't too busy too; I'm not a fan of over busy shopping trips but today was just perfect. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever been to Cheshire Oaks or somewhere similar? Until next time, 

Love Tabitha x